Jung-hyun Lee et al. posing for the camera

2021 belt models

Belts, sometimes a complement to the outfit, sometimes the crown of a combi, will often appear in many places this season, from pants to dresses.

Produced by traditional methods these arches freehand ... It offers many usage options and adds pleasantness to your appearance.  We certainly can't give up :)  

Now in street fashion, other than details such as Belt Color, model, belt binding shapes, lengths, thickness, buckles, such as more detailed elements have become important. You can browse Beymen, where you can find the belts of many global brands.

If you like to use belts only as a complement, you can easily use your accessory as a decidedly pleasing detail by wearing more baggy pieces on top of your pants.

If your waist is thin, you can choose thick, even belts that are entangled around your waist several times. But if you are a bit complacent about your weight, then you can choose thin and elegant belt designs.

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