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2020 decoration trends

The main colors that stood out at the Fair were definitely shades of red and tile. Using ambitious Red and purple colors together is definitely a good idea! Try using these two colors in accessories, complementary textile products. Furniture designed using transparent and light-passing materials filled the eyes at the fair. Glass, light-passing natural stones, high-reflection materials will be at the forefront this season. And the angular lines return. Deciduous finishes, square forms have already taken their place among the new season products of the leading brands in the sector. 

Crizu was one of the most interesting brands at the fair. The project, which turns old books into sculptures, calls the works it creates as objects that represent inner peace and harmony that require patience and dedication. Crizu promises old books a second life. All pages are carefully folded in sync, and as a result, old encyclopedias and books become sophisticated objects of art and design. Books are not damaged, they can be reused.

Jaipur Rugs was established in India to promote the creative potential and workforce of Indian tradesmen to the world and raise awareness. This adventure of an Indian craftsman, which began with a few looms, has grown into a network of more than 40,000 artisans today. With silk and wool, carpets woven using both modern and traditional decks and eye-filling stand design, Jaipur Rugs were among the brands that attracted attention at the fair. Currently, we often see brands collaborating with artisans, especially in low-income areas. And when designers are involved in this beautiful movement, great work comes out. Craft and design, meeting for a beautiful purpose, sounds great, doesn't it? Hoping to see more examples…

Pols Potten, founded in Amsterdam, was one of the brands I had been following for some time. I wanted to meet the brand at the fair and see the products up close. I learned that the brand, which has a wide range of products, has an image store translated from an old warehouse on the island of KNSM in Amsterdam. In this old warehouse, many products such as furniture, accessories, kitchen products, lighting elements are exhibited. They also organized a gallery for talented artists and designers in the warehouse. It is possible to see the Dutch brand's products anywhere in the world in a design hotel, at home or in a showcase with a wide sales network. The brand certainly deserves the motto” We invite you to forget about normality".

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