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2019 Autumn jewelry trend: The magic of the Tarot

This season ring your preference can be minimalist or maximalist... No matter what happens Swarovski 2019 autumn collection with it, you will shine and attract attention! You can use ancient icons or tarot motifs, such as the protective hamse hand, single or multiple, or even combine these minimalist designs with maximalist Crystal rings to create a much stronger effect. 

For those who want to carry the tarot world around their neck, the favorite trend of the season is both multi-minimalist and maximalist, consisting of a single star track necklace options are available. Lucky horseshoe, infinity symbol, hamse hand and evil eye are the main symbols that attract attention in designs where pink and gold coating is popular. For a season full of luck, your choice may be in favor of multiple icons or in favor of a sparkling blue crystal... In both, the protective powers are with you!

Get ready to carry the Magic World of the Tarot in its most glamorous form in your ears. This glittering earrings you can use it with the hair fashion bun of the season, so you can get a much more ambitious and mystical look. Gold-plated designs enriched with blue crystal, full of interesting details, will make a difference with material quality as well as with their motifs. 

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