a kitchen with a table and chairs
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2016 decoration trends

Although white kitchens, which have been trending quite in recent years, still have that elegant effect, the double-color kitchen cabinet applications that began to become widespread in the middle of last year will be the star of this year's kitchen decoration. This application, which adds extra depth and spaciousness to the room by the contrast of the upper kitchen cabinets with the lower kitchen cabinets, seems to continue to be popular in the coming years.

a kitchen with a table and chairs

Another design element that will appear frequently in kitchen decorations in 2016 will be kitchen appliances made of black stainless steel. Kitchen tools and accessories, where the industrial and contemporary texture of metal is combined with the charismatic stance of black, give kitchens a modern and stylish appearance.

a kitchen with a table and chairs

Large parquets on floorboards are expected to regain dominance this year. The living areas where extra long and wide parquets are applied stand out with their minimalist and spacious gravitas.

a room with a table and chairs

Niche applications, which have become increasingly common over the last few years, remain popular this year and continue to add a vibrant and spacious richness to their living spaces. Especially the light emitted through the wall and ceiling niches forms the basis of the next generation of lighting systems.

a white couch in a room

Culinary islands today are undoubtedly one of the most popular elements of modern cuisines. In 2016, their place in kitchens will be slightly more solid, but with a small difference. This year, it is not the kitchen islands designed as a simple countertop, but the kitchen islands, which are extensive, spacious, seated and have plenty of storage space around them.

a kitchen with white cabinets

The mirrors used in the bathrooms have become increasingly minimal in recent years, becoming frameless and unobtrusible bathroom elements. This year, it is predicted that large and flamboyantly framed mirrors will regain the lead role in the bathrooms.

a bathroom with a large mirror

Another change in the bathrooms will be the touches that save the bathrooms from that cold, function-oriented design and give them a living space warmth and feel with design elements such as chairs, armchairs, green plants, carpets and so on.

a bathroom with a chair and sink

If television is the focus of your living room, you may want to make changes to layout and regulation because this year technology-oriented living spaces are being replaced by intimate and human-communication social spaces. If you want to catch up with this year's friendly and warm trends, take the TV aside and re-insert the main seating area of your living room with a design for conversation and socializing.

a living room with a red chair and a white couch

Another area that we will often see in the sample decorations of 2016, where intimacy and warmth will dominate the living spaces with modern and elegant touches, will be the sunbathing areas created inside the houses. You can also enjoy this comfortable trend by creating a small seating area in the most sun-drenity area of your home.

a room with a shelf with books
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