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2015 winter coats and coats trends

Plaid is very popular in coats this season! This pattern, which consists of at least two or three colors, both colours and animates a combo in very sporty or simple tones. If your style is much more vibrant and energetic, this type of coat will be for you.

a person wearing a hat and sunglasses
a person wearing a dress
a person wearing a dress

We've talked a lot this season, but it's not over! yes, looks like she's going to be invading the fashion world for a while. Trench coat-style, or short jacket-style pieces take on a much more glamorous image with suede fabric this winter. You can use this style very comfortably with shades of coffee, black, cream, which is for those who want a little asseration, a rebellious, a little clear posture.

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a person wearing a brown coat and gold skirt
a woman wearing a dress

For those who can't give up the comfort of the next trend! Who doesn't like to be wrapped in a blanket in winter and spread out on their seats? With ponchos, you can now feel at home in your daily life. Especially those with front arches are the most popular...

Melanie Laurent in a purple dress

Every shading of gray has been indispensable in winter for years. Tall, short but especially woolly models are very trendy and ideal for the full winter. These coats, which you can use in almost color and style, are also front-linking bathrobe type, which have been hit tracks for two seasons.

a woman in a grey coat

For those who are pursuing more classic and minimal lines, long, below-the-knee coats and collars and shoulder-length jackets are very trendy. Sometimes you can even choose with a stylish heel and skirt, sometimes even with a sneaker and pants. In addition, a model in powder tones can look quite unusual.

a woman in a red dress
a person wearing a black coat and sunglasses
Olivia Palermo in a yellow coat
Lianne La Havas in a red coat

Coats made in fur or sheepskin-like fabrics are on the rise this season. These pieces, which are also used as collars and pocket details, smell of femininity here. Almost every brand also has such coats from fake fur and fleece fabrics in different colors. (We are always against the fact that!)

Sienna Miller in a green coat
a woman wearing sunglasses and a green jacket

We know you're going to say, "I don't think these tassels are ever going to end." Indeed, the tassel trend is coming to an end. It started with the spring-summer period and continues with the autumn-winter period. It's available in short jackets, leather jackets, coats, all of them.

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a person in a brown coat and sunglasses standing on a street corner

Finally, it's time for the once-trendy bomber jackets. But this year it's a little brighter, livelier. These jackets, which are produced more with raincoat type fabric, come to fashion lovers in real terms! You can take advantage of the harmony of contrasts, for example, complete a very stylish combo with this type of coat.

a woman wearing sunglasses and a red scarf
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