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20-minute treatment for recurrent miscarriages

Recurrent pregnancy losses (3 or more miscarriages for 20 consecutive weeks) are rare enough to occur in only 1-2 percent of couples who want a baby, while the likelihood of miscarriage again in the second pregnancy is as low as 15 percent.

However rarely, it is difficult to be a beacon of hope for couples who have been crushed by the psychological traumas of miscarriages and abortions and the sadness of never having a baby.

What needs to be done is to rebuild the faith that has been destroyed and then to investigate the causes of this condition and move on to treatment.

The causes of recurrent pregnancy losses, although no cause is always found;

1. Genetic factors

2. Disorders related to clotting factors

3. Hormonal factors

4. Anatomical factors (uterine anomalies, etc.)

5. Immunological (immune) factors

6. Infectious factors

7. Environmental Factors and Nutrition (smoking)

8. Chronic diseases of the mother

9. Sperm-related factors

Detailed history, gynecological examination, ultrasound, some extensive blood tests and necessarily uterine film try to find causes/causes.

Among these, ultrasound and uterine film give us certain, sometimes very close information about uterine anomalies. With this information, intrauterine adhesions, polyps, urlar, curtains, which are thought to be the cause of recurrent pregnancy losses, can be easily treated by entering the uterus with a thinly lit camera called hysteroscope.

Hysteroscopy operations are extremely comfortable and useful procedures with the advantages of very short anesthesia time, hospital stay and absence of any incision procedures. With the right indications, the chance of pregnancy after hysteroscopy increases considerably in experienced hands.

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