Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart are posing for a picture
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2 style icons on red carpet

Blake Lively, who is having her second pregnancy, opted for a mini Carolina Herrera-designed dress with deep cleavage. We see Lively in a simpler style rather than an extravagant red carpet style. The 28-year-old also opted for simplicity in her make-up.

Blake Lively in a dress

Kristen Stewart, as always, is back on the red carpet in a Chanel dress... The young actress' leather sleeves in her white tulle dress stand out.

Kristen Stewart in a dress

Opting for glittering eyeliner in her make-up, Stewart brought a new alternative to her hair, which she always left messy with her top-down hair.

a woman with blonde hair

Attending the premiere, Heidi Klum's choice was a long dress with skirt detail pattern.

Heidi Klum in a dress

Dakota Fanning attended the premiere to support her close friend Kristen Stewart. The young actress showed up in a simple black dress.

Dakota Fanning in a black dress

Amy Adams, also a black choice, was among the names of the night with her hairstyle.

Christiane Seidel in a black dress
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