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2 practical purple cabbage salad


* 1 medium purple cabbage
* 1 full teaspoon salt
* ½ Cup vinegar
* 1 cup olive oil

* Finely chop the purple cabbage.
* Pour salt on it and knead well. At this time, it will release water and change Tue.
* When the cabbage loses its resurrection, pour vinegar and olive oil on it and mix nicely.


* 1 medium cabbage
* ½ Cup olive oil
* 1-2 spoons of strained yogurt
•    Avocado
•    Dill
* Walnut
* Yesil Apple

* Cut the cabbage lengthwise and saute a little in olive oil.
* Chop the avocado and Yesil Apple so that they are not too small and thin.
* Take the cabbage in a bowl and mix nicely with the remaining ingredients.
• It will have a more beautiful aroma if you fry the walnuts a little in a pan before adding them to the salad.

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