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2 cold coffee recipe

Nespresso adds freshness to the summer with its brand new “barista Creations for Ice”, developed specifically for the enjoyment of cold coffee. These special capsules, which capture the magnificent harmony of coffee with ice and milk, were developed at the end of 5 years of effort and labor to ensure that coffee meets ice in a harmonious and full consistency. 

1.    Fill your recipe glass with ice cubes.
2.    Add peach syrup on top (preferably).
3.    Then add cold mineral water.
4.   Finally complete your recipe by preparing the Nespresso Freddo Delicato capsule as espresso (40 ml).

1.    In a separate glass, prepare the Nespresso Freddo Intensiso capsule on top of the rosemary leaf as espresso (40ml), then remove the rosemary leaf.
2.    Fill your recipe glass with ice cubes.
3.    Add salted caramel syrup on top (preferably).
4.    Then add cold milk foam (Aeroccino can be prepared in the milk foaming device).
5.    Finally, complete your recipe by adding Freddo Intensiso coffee, which you have prepared in a separate glass, to the mixture in your recipe glass.

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