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17th week: Oh these hormones

Even though my nausea hasn't stopped completely, it's starting to subside. In fact, these weeks they say it should be cut off, but it hasn't happened to me yet.

In the meantime, I've been reading and trying out all your suggestions. For example, the idea of cutting a piece of fresh ginger into a teaspoon recommended by someone who was pregnant with twins last week and swallowing it with honey really helped my nausea. I expect plenty of suggestions from anyone who's read my articles, who's been pregnant at the same time as me, or who's been a mother, who's been through these days, and I have a lot to learn from you, :)

Oh, these hormones!

I wake up every morning with so many different feelings. My hormones are literally possessed! One morning I'm in incredible energy, the next morning I'm feeling the opposite. I find such ridiculous reasons to cry... I think that's one of the most interesting things that can't be explained in pregnancy: these amazing mind games that hormones play on you! Fortunately, I'm feeling more energetic now than I was in my early months. My sleep requests are a little less. There are times during the day when I feel tired again, but I'm much better than in my first months.

Maternity massage

Last week I posted on my Snapchat account that I get a pregnancy massage once a week. yes, I get massage therapy once a week at home from a masseuse who gives me a maternity massage that I meet through a pregnant friend. In fact, the goal is both to relax and to try to prevent cracks that will occur during pregnancy. Because during pregnancy, the body changes completely. Just as my bodybuilding is already very capable of gaining and losing weight, the cracks and 10-somethings that help fight cellulite are also very clear. She does this massage by mixing cracked oils and creams. In my stomach, with slow movements, only fat is applied, not massaged. I try to apply the creams and oils that he applies twice in the morning and in the evening on the days when I do not have a massage. This may not be a way to completely eliminate the changes that will occur in the body, but at least it is a natural and comforting method that I believe is good and will come.

You can see photos of the products I use in the photo in my article. For those wondering, the products I use during massage include  Clarins Huile Tonic, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Creme for Strech Marks, Burt's Bees Crack and Body Care Oil, Lierac Phytolastil Gel.

Gender issue

The first sentence of those who find out that you are pregnant is congratulations, and the second sentence is of course the question of gender.  The girl I love is my wife's boy. But of course, first of all, it's our greatest hope that he's healthy. When I'm making these gender predictions, I keep hearing the phrase "you've got a man beauty, I think it's a man." So if it's a girl, we get ugly? What the hell does that mean? :) I think a baby makes a mother beautiful in all sorts of ways and gives her a beautiful energy. We actually found out the sex last week, but I'm saving it for next week's article.

What are your predictions?

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