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14 things you need to do in Prague

Old Town Square is a must in Prague. The Astronomical Clock Tower is very popular at the entrance of this square, where the most intense celebrations are held and decorations are made, especially during the Christmas period. According to legend, hannus's watch in the 15th century is very popular. The Prague people try to find out the secret of the watch, but Hanus won't reveal it. However, the city government of that time wanted to make sure that they only had this beautiful watch, and they blinded Hanus, who did not give the secret, not to make it anywhere else. In Hanus, he does serious damage to the clock to get back at it, and it can never be repaired again. The Prague government, on the other hand, organizes this clock as an Astronomical clock to turn it into a tourist show over time. They make wooden apostle figures on the watch, and they appear in the window every hour and begin to move. Each of these figures has different meanings. For example, the figure with the mirror in his hand is arrogance and self-appreciation; holding a golden pouch in his hand; greed and interest; death from skeleton; The Ottoman mandolin playing symbolizes pleasure and fun.

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Czech Cuisine consists mainly of pork and pastries, but dishes called Goulash (which actually belong to Hungarians) and Svickova dishes with delicious ingredients that you can find on every corner. Svickova in particular is my biggest favorite. Svickova, consisting of boiled steak-style pieces of meat, celery, carrots and cream main ingredients, is placed on the plate (dumpling) to float in its sauce. It is served with 4-5 slices of shellless bread and a slice of lemon, frambuase jam and cream on top of one of the meats. This dish, which is used in veal, can also be prepared exclusively for vegetarians with soy.

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This place is not very central to Prague, but it is not far from Prague. EveryDay is one of the most interesting places I've ever seen. Don't try to go anywhere (like a toilet) without asking the staff in this shabby place with a decoration adorned with religious figures, but as it happened to me, a big dog can start chasing you down the aisle. By the way, the dish that looks like chicken in the photo is actually rabbit meat. It is my very serious advice for those who pursue different tastes. The price is about 20 TL in Turkish lira.

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The Petrin Observatory is one of the points where you can watch Prague from the highest level. The tower is actually only 63.5 meters high, but the situation is much higher because it combines with the height of Petrin Hill at 327 meters. This hill is also walk up the stairs, but of course I never considered this option and found my way by cable car, which departs every 20 minutes. There will be courage on the way back, so I decided to walk down the 300-step tower. Turns out some floors are open air. It's minus 10 degrees, so I'm a little cold with the wind. I suggest you reconsider your decision by season.

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It's the place where we eat our fingers, not everyone knows, but I think it's prague's legendary taste stop. Dish is a small place that only makes burgers in one of Prague's side streets. It is also a place where I strongly recommend booking before you go, otherwise you may have to wait in long queues. The bread is legendary, the meatballs are juicy, the garlic at the base and the homemade ketchup are incredibly tasty. Dish Burger, which I recommend eating on the menu, costs 215 Koruna, which is about 30 TL.

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"Three Apples Changed the World." The first one lured Eve, the second inspired Newton, and the third was presented to the world by Steve Jobs" half-eaten, and the Apple Museum, where all of Apple's products from 1976 to 2012 were exhibited, is the kind that tech museum enthusiasts will love. Entrance fee per person: about 45 TL.

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This bridge, which became a symbol of the city and was built during the reign of King Karl IV, is located on the Vlatava River. Every day, hundreds of people set foot on this bridge through the gates of a magnificent tower. On the bridge there are replicas of 30 statues, the original of which were originally protected at the National Gallery. You can capture incredibly beautiful photos on this bridge, where you can look right over the river to the most beautiful corners of the city.

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U Fleku is one of the oldest breweries in the world. It's from the 1500s, where you can feel the medieval times with its ambience. They make one kind of black beer and the flavor is really great. Perfect for enjoying friends with accordion listenings of old uncles. Make sure it's on your list.

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You know, I'm not a very sweet person. Trdelnik, which I can describe as sugary and cinnamon dough, was the food I consumed the most in Prague. It alone doesn't mean much to me that when I put Nutella in it and doubled its calories to 98 times, I became sick. No such beauty. It's almost everywhere in Prague. Don't come back until you've eaten.

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Would you like a glass of Beetle Absinth? Absintherie in Prague is the coolest place I've liked the concept and style of lately. Absinth, you know, is a drink with an average alcohol content of 70 percent. So it's not something you can do like a beer. So much so that the waiters suggested we drink "Super Slowly" (As slow as possible!) when serving. They even advised us to proceed in the form of a sip of booze, a sip of water. The price of a glass is about 22 TL in Turkish lira.


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The Opera House, home to operas, the only social activity of the people of Prague in the 18th century, was damaged in the war and could not be repaired for a long time due to the lack of budget of the state. But the people of Prague loved the opera house so much that they decided to raise the money among themselves, and everyone helped financially with whatever was necessary for this structure. After the money raised, the construction of the theater started in 1865 and the building was completed in 1881. That love still exists, and the public still dresses up in the evenings and goes to see the Opera.

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The legendary Pivovar U Tri Ruzi, which has been in the same place since the 1500s, is one of the most beautiful in Prague. Semi-Dark beer in the middle of the photo is my biggest favorite. The place doesn't sell bottled beer inside, but if you say you're going to buy a package, you can take it home. You should definitely stop by. The price is about 10 TL in Turkish lira. Reservation is a must.

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Among the historical towers and structures that cover this wonderful fairytale city are, of course, modern buildings. There's one that's so modern that it even dances. It was a very exciting experience for me to see the Dancing House up close, where I saw and wondered about the pictures before going to Prague. This building, named Tančící Dùm in Czech, is located quite close to the city center, by the river, very close to Jiraskiv Most, or Karl Bridge. The building, which used to be in place, was destroyed in the Czech Bombardment in 1945 and has been empty ever since. The new building was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry and Czech architect Vilado Milunic, and the building was opened in 1996. The Dancing House is not the real name of the building, but the nickname given to the building because of its shape. The building is being visited by a Dutch insurance company. But the ginger & fred restaurant on the top floor is open to everyone.

Dancing House with lights on

The star of street delicacies in Prague: Sausages. There are all kinds of bees, deer, pigs. One of the cheap and delicious ways to feed. If you prefer it in the form of a sandwich, the price is about 6-7 TL in Turkish lira.

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