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14 most delicious venues in Çeşme

This is the first place that comes to mind when you say fountain. Imren, who we can say parcels some streets of Alaçatı, creates long queues with his desserts, cookies, gummy drops and, most importantly, ice cream. I suggest that you do not return to this family business with a 75-year history without eating Mereng Cheesecake With Lemon and Turkish coffee with gummy drops.

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One of the symbols of Alaçatı is the vine leaf. It has a pleasant, feel-at-home atmosphere. The food changes every day. The flavours are incredible. When you sit in the space, they line you up, then when it's your turn, you go in and make your choices from the extraordinary buffet. When I see that image, you say I'll take it from him and this, but please calm down. Because in the final you might face a slightly salty reckoning. Is it worth it? I think it's worth. And don't they have those pumpkin blossoms and fries? A complete legend 

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Noni's House, which I first met last year, was stationed in the resort of Çeşme's Ovacık. The breakfast, which owner Selin both sits and runs with his family, has an incredible ambience, very enjoyable products. Many of the products are produced by the owner of the place. The jams, the olives, the cheeses are all fantastic. But none of this is as enormous as Noni's Menemen and their pies. Unlimited tea sprinkle breakfast price 30 TL per person.

a table full of food

If the seafood in question, good service, friendly, Your address should be Fahri's place. Located in Fahri's place, next to the fishing port of Port Alaçatı, on the bed of şevket-i bostan, fish kebabs with butter strained yogurt and the ocean heart, the last point where seafood can come, are my biggest favorites. From the appetizers, the fava with caramelized onions is simply extraordinary. The average place per person is around 120 TL.

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Karina, one of the oldest in Alaçatı with its 8-year history, is a very cute place with long tables lined up side by side in Alaçatı Bazaar. I can recommend octopus from the intermediate heat of Karina, which has an unlimited choice of appetizers, and shrimp in milk, decoction from appetizers, pepper borani and sea bass marini. The average price per person in Karina is around 120-130 TL.

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The enormous, which we know from Karaköy, has been adding color to Alaçatı for a full year. The Gastropub concept venue underwent a major overhaul of its kitchen this year. Shrimp tempuras with hot sauce are amazing. In addition, you can order meatballs with babaganush and chicken skewers with hellimli as the main course with your eyes closed. The breakfast of the place, whose appetizers are equally successful, is as much to talk about as the food. 

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Mrs. Nalan and Sena have been hosting their customers in their homes for 4 years as if they were hosting their guests. The service, the smile, the attention, the relevance are fantastic. But Magenta 4.they have a very important power that keeps them afloat in the year. They cook very well. He told us to go to Magenta if you asked anyone who lived in Cesme. Octopus liked it, my first advice to you. Price: £ 38.

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One of the biggest debates in Çeşme is where does the best dove. Erolciler, wisdom, Enthusiasm have been competing with each other for years. As someone who feels close to a click Hikmet, I tried Aykut for the first time this year. I think you get a lot more boutique and attentive service because it's a little less expensive than others. So my advice this year is Dove Aykut.

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If you want to eat a good stuffed mussel, you should go to Mussel Seyfi Usta in front of the Dove Sevki near Alacati square. My advice is the mussels that are the biggest. Leave it to them to choose mussels, but make sure you want the best ones.  

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Cura, which is also open in winter in Alaçatı, is one of the stylish places that combines dinner and entertainment. On Friday nights, Zeynep Özyılmazel performs at Cura, which has a meat-weighted menu. Of course, there is no such situation of playing music. There's no stopping you from talking. For a pleasant dinner at Cura, which gradually changes to the concept of a nightclub after 23:00, you need to overlook £ 150 per person. By the way, veal ribs from the main course are my top decency.


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After a long night, the most delicious address you can go to in case you miss breakfast hours is Dost Pita. I say Giresun, Samsun, Trabzon pita even better than pita. I really don't think I'm exaggerating. Mince, cheddar, egg pita are my favorite. The average portion price of pita bread is 18 TL, but I am one hundred percent sure that you will not get up with a serving.

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I know you can't come to Izmir Cesme and come back without eating a bite. Urla Katmer & Lokma Hall in Çeşme is also the best place to meet this need for me. Cinnamon is also crispy in the morsels, which I recommend adding. There's a big five in the serving. Price: £ 7.50. By the way, you can also choose this place for breakfast, because the decors you can choose as cheese or mince are also quite successful.

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If you want to get away from the enthusiasm of Alaçatı and enjoy a quieter environment, I can offer you Breakfast at the Boreas Hotel. Classic Aegean breakfast concept hotel's special sausage cheddar over bagels called crispy top, its observation and menemen are especially successful. The price of breakfast per person is: 25 TL.

a table full of food

One of the places that comes to your aid when you think about what I eat or eat late at night is my Cold War. At a different point this year, my Willow, which opens right next to the Eye Lounge, is made from parts of the tongue, cheek and brain extracted from the lamb's head. No, it's not terrible. You will thank me after eating the willow, which gives me tremendous pleasure with the addition of tomatoes, parsley and spices Juniper

a plate of food
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