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14 incorrect and 14 true in relationships

True: A special time for yourself.

True: Trying to be happy

True: Effective, mutual communication

True: Be controlled and respectful

True: Tell him why he's broken

True: Be able to make healthy transitions in parent and partner roles.

True: Trying to decipher problems between you and yourself as two adults.

True: Trusting your partner, keeping your feelings of jealousy in reasonable doses, stops restricting him.


True: Abstain from all forms of violence.

True: It means” what nonsense/stupidity your friend has behaved."

True: Listen to the end and ask if there is anything he can do about it.

True: Sharing responsibilities fairly in the common life you share.

True: Being aware of the healing power of touch.

True: Share your own feeling by saying,” I ... felt it."

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