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13 plants that purify the air

By definition, it can be said that it is a plant with a long stem and dark Yesil color, textured like skin, deeply segmented and oval hole on the foot. It is a decorative plant with large, showy and shiny leaves that can grow up to 60 cm. As a Hall plant, for those who want to grow Devetaban in pots... irrigation, of course Devetabani this is very important. The water of the devetaban plant should not be too cold. If you are watering using very cold water, your tropical plant will be damaged. However, the frequency of irrigation should also progress in proportion to the temperature of the air. Devetaban does not like restricted areas very much, so its flowerpot should be large. 

Among the people Dec. Pasha Sword or known as the Prophet's sword. It is an ideal Hall plant to ensure good ventilation of stuffy indoor environments. As a result of many years of research on this humble plant, it was determined that it has the ability to absorb many air pollutants, especially carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide gases. They produce more oxygen at night than other living room plants, making the air of the environment in which they are located cleaner.Juliette is more active in the environment. It can stay in direct sunlight, as well as continue its development in shadow areas. Before irrigation, the soil should be allowed to dry. It has no special request in terms of humidity.

Cactus is actually a plant species that can withstand thirst in a desert environment in nature. As long as you prepare the necessary environment for cacti, whose easy care and aesthetic structures are known, they can stay alive for a very long time. They are divided into two groups: spiny and thornless (succulents). Cactus because it is a plant of difficult climates and is not damaged by sunlight in any way, it has a radiation-absorbing property. The plant, which is also thought to absorb and reduce the harmful effects of airborne radio signals, can be used, especially near television and computers.

Potted plant that decorates homes and offices, which should always remain Yesil; Areka Palm (Living Room Plant).  This plant is a factory that produces oxygen throughout the day. It cleans the air by absorbing xylene and toluene gases. An areka palm sapling grown up to 2m releases 1 liter of water into the air in 24 Tues. If the number of leaves or seedlings is large, it acts as a good air moisturizer. At the same time, you can grow palm trees, which are a wonderful piece of decoration, in a beautiful corner of your home.

Dracaena or Marginata, a plant that seeks room temperature every season. Dracaena, which is one-on-one to purify the ambient air from benzene, trichloroethylene and xylene, can sometimes be toxic to cats and dogs. If you are a cat and dog owner, we recommend that you do a research before taking dracaena.

Benjamin Flower it is a flower that fills the eyes with long and Yesil leaves. Sensitive to sunlight, the Benjamin flower tends towards the sun as it is exposed to light. Therefore, it needs more sunlight than other flowers. A very bright environment is ideal for the Benjamin plant. As the Benjamin flower adapts to the environment and heat in which it is located, it is very important that these conditions are not changed suddenly and that the plant is not shocked. If you want to capture integrity in your homes with design flowers, Benjamin flower is one of the most ideal plants for this.

Yucca also known as massengena flower, it likes to receive plenty of light, is durable and is a great hall plant with these features. It helps you create a pleasant energy and ambience in your home as its leaves turn to the sun. Because it is not watered very often, it is one of the easy-to-care plant species, so it is the preferred reason.

Also known as the Chinese Money Flower Pilea the naming of his plant does not date back very far. It is a plant named “award of Garden Merit” by the British Royal Horticultural Society. Pilea, which has settled among plant trends, is one of the most important pieces for plant collectors, with its frequent preference in Scandinavian Home decors in recent years. Spring to autumn is the growing season, developing rapidly.

Potos Ivy, also known as pothos or Epipremnum Aureum, is an ivy plant found in many homes today. But its two excellent health benefits are often unknown. Potos it clears the air of the room in which it develops and helps you relax if your eyes are bloodied or you are having trouble with them. It also prevents and helps treat eye pressure, cataracts and Blackwater disease. Potosus Ivy has broad leaves on which white lines or spots are formed when grown outdoors. The room temperature should be between 16 and 24 degrees Dec. and they like living indoors. They need some light, but they should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

It is a plant with pleasant and large leaves. It is a very preferred flower because it adapts to any environment. On the other hand, its easy maintenance and rapid growth increase its popularity. Rubber Flower it is very preferred because of its simple growth, rapid development and adaptation to any environment. It grows in almost all soil varieties. 

Craton the plant is an indoor plant and is a long-lived Hall ornamental plant that adapts to the environment in a short time with yellow, green frequent large decorative yesils. It can also be fed from alternative light sources, so it does not require direct sunlight. 

Yesil Yesil, the leaves are green, yellow, green and white, resembling the fingers of the hand. Chefs it is a very durable indoor and outdoor plant. Both types can be used for garden decoration in places with moderate climate. They provide a beautiful image in semi-shaded places. Although chefs shed the leaves under the flower, it continues to grow in height, giving new leaves from the top.

This plant has quite frequent and tiny leaves, with which it fights formaldehyde and xylene in the air. Although it does not need to be directly exposed to the sun, it should be kept in a bright place Ladder Of Love a prerequisite for healthy plant growth can be considered.

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