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11 recommendations for child safety from Apple

Screen time helps you see how much time your children and you spend on which devices you use apps or visit websites in general. It also allows you to get weekly reports or notifications, see how much certain apps are being used, and how many times you and your child have taken your devices.

Screen time allows you to set the time to be spent on specific apps and websites every day for yourself and your children. You can also create exceptions for specific apps, such as educational apps or posts. In addition, when your children want more time, you just need to approve these requests.

The idle time feature allows you to set a specific December of time, such as sleep time, when applications and notifications are turned off. It is also possible to determine which applications these restrictions will apply to.

If you want, you can prevent your children from installing new applications in areas such as social media or photo sharing, and even close the Safari web browser. When you enable the purchase Permission feature, you can approve or deny your children's app purchases or downloads directly from your own device. For more detailed information click

The children's section, consisting of carefully compiled content, offers a great space for children. We carefully examine each app to make sure it does what it says in its description. And in the Limitations section, you can set an age December yourself so that your children can buy or download apps that are specific to them only. The recommendations are also arranged accordingly.

Use aggregate limits. So combine separate apps and websites, even categories into whole, and put them all in one, easy-to-manage border. For example, limit games and your child's favorite online streaming apps in this way.

Bonus: How to perform parental control on iPhone and iPad

You can set your children's devices to limit adult content or to open only websites of your choice. You can also install custom web browsers designed to display child-only content.

You choose the people your children can communicate with during the day and during the idle time thanks to communication limits. So always stay in touch with the family.

With just a few taps, you can prevent your children from accessing movies, music, apps, books, or podcasts that contain content you don't want them to see or hear.

Give your children one more minute to complete what they have done. Let them receive a notification when they expire, so that they have enough time to end their conversation, save their files, or log out of the game.

Many apps, even free ones, allow or encourage purchases within the app. Thanks to a setting in the Restrictions section, you can block all in-app purchases.

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