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11 items that lovers of rose gold will fall in love

Newcomer to the lineup of Tom Ford's much-loved Black Orchid perfume, Orchid Soleil adds the scent of hyacinth on top of sweet, exotic floral notes. In addition to its fragrance, it conquers our hearts with its stylish container and rose gold details.

a pink and gold bottle

Real Techniques brushes, which are well known to makeup lovers, were released in rose gold with the Bold Metals collection. This brush set, which looks quite stylish with its pink-and-white hair and metallic rose gold brush, has gained our appreciation with its design as well as its usefulness.

a pink and white toothbrush

Nars' all-time favorite product, pink, peach tones and gold flashes, orgasm blush, you can use it when you want to add a rose gold reflection to your cheeks. Nars Orgasm, known as blush that suits all skin colors, adapts rose gold color to our skin.

a black rectangular object with a white background

Mac, known for its cosmetics in many different shades, takes your rose gold game to the next level with its "Tan" pigment. You can apply this pigment to your eyes using some headlights underneath, or to your lips to get metallic, glittery lips, even your nails with transparent nail polish. Its toning towards light copper successfully reflects the metallic rose gold effect.

a jar of jam

Earrings, bracelets and charms in all rose gold tones in Pandora's newly released Rose collection will be the perfect gift option for rose gold lovers. It is impossible not to like these accessories with stone embroidery and different patterns with their warm and romantic colors!

a pair of jewelry

Rose Gold sneakers, which caught our attention in Nike's collection with luxury sports brand Bandier, will be your only reason to spend time working out after a tiring day! The shoe, which is completely dominated by rose gold color on the white sole, is our favorite product on this list.

a brown and white shoe

This lipstick in the "comfort matte" texture of the Vice collection, which the brand has released with dozens of different color alternatives, is a very useful cosmetic product for nude lovers with its powder pink to rose gold color. Lipstick, which provides comfortable use of especially pink undersized skin, promises to carry the rose gold trend of the season to the lips.

a few different colored lipsticks

Combining pink with rose gold metallic, the sneakers belong to Zara's new season collection. This rose gold shoe, which you can combine with different colors thanks to its white soles and laces, will add color to your daily combinations.

a pair of white shoes

The rose gold color of the iPhone 7 combines smartphone with romantic connotations. With its minimal design and rose gold color, you can reinforce your daily elegance with this phone, which is set to be the most stylish technological product of the new season.

a couple of cell phones

The rose gold color of frends Taylor headphones, which has many color options, is one of the stylish alternatives in technological products. Highlighted by its superior sound quality and insulation, you can adapt these headphones to your many combinations in the new season with white leather and metallic rose gold details.

a white headphone with a cord

Reflecting the Michael Kors style with its elegant design, you can use this rose gold watch to add sparkle to your stylish and sporty combinations. This watch, which is one of the fashion accessories of the season with its metallic color, also offers a different style with its spiral details.

a silver watch with a silver band
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