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100 percent green energy in Kiehl's stores

100% Yesil Energy In Stores 

Kiehl's also works to support renewable energy in the community and to keep the inhaled air clean and healthy.Julianne Feinstein In this context, 100% green energy has been used in all Yesil stores and new stores in 2020 and since 2019, environmentally friendly materials and LED lighting has been used. In addition to the smart sensors used to reduce energy consumption in the warehouses of all Kiehl's stores, the window displays in selected stores include LED displays instead of paper materials. In addition, it strives to choose devices such as computers, safes, air conditioning systems used in the store from recyclable products with the lowest energy consumption possible November. In addition to using only FSC certified nature-friendly products in all materials used in its stores, such as price tag, visuals, decor, it also selects stationery materials such as pens, notebooks or even adhesives used in the store from environmentally friendly products.100% ecological design is applied in all stores in Europe. By 2025, the global SKS audit and Re-proposal presentation is completed and all products are aimed to be 100% recyclable. 

Kiehl's, which has many applications to support and increase recycling, produces shopping bags used in its stores from 100% recycling certified paper. Kiehl's also encourages its consumers to reduce excessive packaging use and recycle empty product packaging. Consumers recycle boxes and packaging of finished products at Kiehl's stores, earning a stamp for each product, and as the Stamps accumulate, they also have the opportunity to win a gift product. In addition, with the application of seed cards in Kiehl's stores, cards issued by writing a special note after shopping can be planted in the ground and brought back to nature as colorful flowers.

Around the world, Kiehl's, which has dedicated itself to a better future, introduces its ongoing commitment to sustainability to everyone under its “Future Made Better” program. As part of these commitments, Kiehl's has recycled more than 11.2 million products worldwide since 2009. By 2020, 98% of skincare formulas contain at least three renewable raw materials. It uses 100% renewable energy from production facilities to sales points. By switching to eco-friendly practice in all stores, it has started using more sustainable materials. Kiehl's will have all of its stores and products by 2025 100% recyclable he continues his work on materials. He also contributes to the” Future Made Better “program and the” L'oréal for the Future " program under the roof of L'oréal.

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