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10 ways to lose weight without a diet

It is very important to hang an old dress or photo where you can always see it, celebrate your achievements with tiny rewards, set realistic and measurable goals. Maybe you've always tried to lose weight by trying the same calorie restrictions and easy ways, but the right thing is to make a patient lifestyle change with personalized diets. So first, set yourself achievable and realistic goals to strengthen your Will, and never give up before you reach your goal. 

Vegetables are high in fiber and water, which saturates you with fewer calories. Let the vegetables fill half your plate; they can also be cooked vegetables such as boiled, steamed, sautéed or baked, as well as raw salads. If you make it a lifestyle with fun recipes, you will lose sustainable weight and reach an easier and more realistic solution.

By reducing the size of containers such as plates and cups that you use at home, you will save calories, even if your food and drinks remain the same. Most of the time, high-calorie, stomach-bulging or empty calories, not what you eat, cause us to gain weight and drive our appetite out of control. Because of this, to reduce calories from liquids, choose long thin ones instead of wide cups. Thus, you drink 25-30% less than Coke, juice, alcohol and other sugary drinks. Or, by shrinking your dinner plates, you automatically eat less, get 100-200 calories less a day, and you don't even notice.

Instead of removing carbohydrates from your life, eat controlled from the right sources; include whole grains in your life; instead of white bread, rice and pasta, you can get a secret weight loss strategy by introducing sourdough breads, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, oats and brown bread from ancestral seeds into your life. If possible, these should never be your main dishes and use them in moderation.

As much as you eat, your eating time and shape are important; eat in a calm environment, focusing only on eating and chewing as well as possible. The biggest problem of the new age is not to understand that you eat a lot and eat a lot with TV or phone without focusing on food. Because of this, it is necessary to enjoy every bite at the dinner table, to eat calmly and slowly, to give it time for our brains to understand that they are full.

Studies show those who sleep less than 6 hours a day, 7-9 hours it indicates that they are 30% more overweight than those who sleep. Insomnia creates stress in the body and increases your passion for more food, especially carbohydrates, as cortisol levels rise. Remember that regular and quality sleep will positively reflect on your soul, body and weight.

Reduce your frequency of eating out. In crowd-eaten dishes, you can impress others and make high-calorie choices. Do not eat outside for more than 2-3 meals a week, if possible. 

Take advantage of supplements such as herbal teas, spices that accelerate metabolism, stimulate and facilitate digestion. Instead of waiting for huge miracles from these, focus on changes in your body in regular use. Remember that they will motivate you very much.        

If you are not hungry after dinner, be careful not to snack to rest the body, avoid drinks such as herbal teas or soda.

You can burn an extra 100-150 calories by walking for 20 minutes a day. Thus, you lose an average of 5 kilograms per year without dieting.

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