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10 tricks to success in distance education

First, children need a routine as of the age group. Along with the pandemic, our children may have created a number of new and different habits that will negatively affect their cognitive development, such as an increase in the frequency of phone use during the holiday period, an increase in the time spent with tablets, in their disrupted routines. For this reason, some children may have difficulty adapting to the online education process and may have difficulty focusing. It is necessary to limit this habit by their parents and ensure the duration and continuity of these uses within the home, as in the face-to-face education process along with the school process.

In the face-to-face education process, the fact that children attend school was important for their social and emotional development. During this process, being away from the peer group can lead to various emotional problems. At this point, it will be useful to understand the child's emotion and reflect it on him. Otherwise, the child who is not understood in the process will lose motivation and interest in the lesson, as they will experience different problems emotionally.

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The fact that the time spent at home has increased with the introduction of holidays in the online education process, and this process will continue to be far from face-to-face training, may cause children to think that the holiday continues. For this reason, the child may have difficulty adapting to the online education process. At this point, the child should explain why the education and training process should continue in accordance with the age group, showing an example of various methods of measures taken in different sectors, and if he has any negative feelings, such as anxiety, anxiety, reluctance, related to the online course process, it should be spoken and given confidence.

As in the face-to-face education process, in the online education process, it is necessary to help by creating a working order and plan for children who cannot be organized at the point of study, are forced and need support at this point. Giving and encouraging positive feedback on behalf of every behavior that the child can perform within the Plan and layout will contribute to accelerating the process of adapting to the plan.

Clinical psychologist Cansu Ivecen said: "it is important that children get enough sleep in order to ensure their attention and continuity to the lesson, and that nutrition meals are not skipped. It is necessary to make sure that these needs of the child are met before the lesson, and to encourage them to sit as ready for the lesson as possible during this process. For this reason, if we have children whose sleep patterns change and with it the eating pattern and time differ, it will be useful to determine certain time zones for them to sleep and eat breakfast,” he says.

In order for the child not to experience distractions in the Online education process, the place of work should be obvious, the presence of a desk, the absence of distractions in places such as tables, walls, etc., the child's materials such as pens, notebooks, books related to the lesson should be ready before the lesson. In addition, if there is a separate room suitable for the working environment, if there is a younger brother in the House who can distract the child in conditions where a different room cannot be found, it should be located in a different place than the educational environment, and families should not perform various household activities while the education is taking place.

Between inhalation, phones, tablets, such as the child's attention and attention to the lesson should not be used decontaminated. Instead, he should act and be encouraged to do so during this time period, as in the school environment, meet some physiological needs, if any, and sit at the head of the course again.

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It is important that parents support their children in following courses and doing assignments, encouraging them in points that they do not understand, so that their interest in the course does not decrease. Negative attitudes, such as criticizing, comparing, or raising a voice at points that the child does not understand and cannot do, will cause a feeling of failure, but will negatively affect the course process.

Increasing and programming activities that can be done in the family is important for the social and emotional development of our children who are separated from the peer group during this period. At this point, planning and determining the time of activities that they can do in the house in accordance with the common decision of the child and parent, creating a routine in this sense in the house and contributing to the positive development of domestic relations.

Clinical psychologist Cansu Ivecen said: "all parents should reduce their own expectations to the level of the child by accurately and realistically evaluating their child's academic level. Children's interest and desire for the lesson is affected by the difference in the way they learn. At such points, realizing the way your child is learning, acting appropriately and giving feedback by encouraging and appreciating his / her efforts will allow him / her to increase the motivation for learning in this process,” he / she says.

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