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10 topics you should consider before you become a host

For what purpose will you buy this house? Are you going to sit down or invest? Will the value of your home increase if you're going to sit down? Will this be a sensible purchase for you? Will the rental value increase if you are buying your home for investment? In that area, how much is the average rent for a house in an apartment? Check it out online, ask the neighbors.

According to a study, 40 percent of home buyers are homeowners thanks to the internet, 33 percent are real estate agents, 5 percent are construction companies and 1 percent are homeowners thanks to written media ads. And you plan what tools to look for a home.

Will you use a loan to buy a house? If the answer is yes, is your down payment ready? Is your income secure? Houses, projects don't run away. What matters is your financial peace of mind, your family...

EXAMPLE: 300 thousand pounds for the house, 60 thousand TL down payment, 240 thousand TL loan, 10 years in the term of the monthly payment comes to about 4,100 TL. Banks ' interest rate may increase, your monthly payment amount may change.

How far is the house you want to buy from work, school, hospital, public transport? Have you lived in that area before, what kind of neighborhood? Think carefully, investigate.

What are the features you want to have in the house you will buy? To-do list. Number of rooms, square meters, parking, facade, heating, lighting, number of floors, transportation features, distance to the market... write down the features that are important to you, and make the appropriate decision on this list when visiting the house.

Of course, you need to love the house you want to buy, but don't fall in love with the house. Compare the price with similar houses and apartments in the surrounding area, negotiate.

Buying the House does not end costs, both when buying and after receiving it, there will necessarily be various costs. For example, renovations that you want to make before moving home, monthly dues, annual earthquake insurance, taxes... write down these costs, include them in your budget.

Do you have big expenses ahead of you? Do you have a move or transfer? Can't you afford the House of your dreams? Examine houses that are according to your own budget, get them if they are in the right place, time and price. If necessary, you'll get a bigger house in the future, in the neighborhood you want.

Make sure that there is a legal problem in the house that you will buy. Ask if there is a title deed, building license, mortgage or foreclosure decision on the House, whether the House owes real estate tax. If there is a tenant in the house you will buy, review the lease agreement. Is the square meter of the house as you were told or stated in the deed? If you have doubts, measure them.

Are there intensive urban transformation activities in the area where the house you want to buy is located? When the building is renovated with urban transformation, the house you bought may also increase in value, but if you buy this house to sit down, think about the process of relocation that you will experience again.

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