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10 tips to keep your new year decisions in 2018

According to psychologists, if we set small goals in front of us when making our New Year's resolutions, our chances of success increase accordingly. Moving forward with a plan also helps to keep the promises made.  Here are some of these small steps...

1. Select only one of your getting started decisions. If you focus on making changes in one area instead of every area of your life, your success will be more guaranteed.

2. Pre-planning always works. So it's worth starting planning a few days before December 31st. For example, if you are going to detox, you should go shopping in advance to find everything you are looking for in your fridge on January 1st.

3. Make really "new" New Year's resolutions. Set aside the decisions you've made and didn't make before.

4. Decide what really matters to you. A novelty that everyone applies to fashion may not suit you.

5. Direct your interest towards the New Year's resolution where you can take small steps, measure, concentrate and take time

6. If you tell your new year's resolution to your surroundings, friends and family, your chances of success increase. They'll be more supportive, and when you try to break the rules, you'll find someone to stop you.

7. Prepare a 'checklist' to show you how changes will happen in your life when you follow your promise. It helps to look at the list every step of the way and see what you've accomplished and where you've come to.

8. Reward yourself every time you take a new step. Rewards will motivate you to experience improvements.

9. Keep it for a day in your own way. It could be a little notebook, or it could be writing on any paper. It is useful to see your goals and the path you have taken on paper.

10. It is acceptable to succumb to your old habits from time to time. Don't be unfair to yourself. You can turn a blind eye to small flings rather than abandoning your purpose entirely.

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