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10 things you need to do in Copenhagen

At the top of my list is Vaffelbageren, located in nyhavn county. What to eat here? Homemade natural ice creams, daily prepared cornets, waffles and apple tarts; They're all delicious. As far as I'm concerned, you should try both ice cream waffles and apple tarts. Waffles+Coffee 75kr.

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When you start researching Copenhagen, Nyhavn will be one of the most prominent names in front of you. I recommend taking a few hours here and looking around, one of the most touristy areas of the city. Take a photo at the beginning of the canal and in front of the cozy colorful houses, and then you can go to the cafés and restaurants around it, large and small.

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It's a very shabby, tiny sympathetic place with nowhere to sit. This is where I ate the most delicious pizza I've ever had. By evening, a long line begins to form in the place, people come to pick up their pizza as a package. I tried the pineapply and cheese one, which was delicious. It's a walking distance from vaffelbageren. I suggest you take a tour of the streets after you've eaten, there are a thousand kinds of shops. Oversized pizza is 65 kronor.

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Copenhagen has its own unique restaurants that appeal to both the eye and the stomach. I'd heard a lot about The Union Kitchen before I came in, so I was wondering. It's a great option for brunch. We had a busy schedule and we couldn't sit long because of it, but if you have time, enjoy the bohemian and warm space. Pouch eggs and avocado for two are 95 kronor.

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One of the concepts I always wanted to be realized in Istanbul is street food. Indoors, venues have opened stands and sell food and drink. In fact, it became more of a cultural interaction; you can also tell from the hanging country flags of the stand owners. Korean, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, French... I recommend spending at least 1 hour in this area, the prices of the food are both affordable and very tasty. At copper and wheat's stand, be sure to try french fries on duck fat. He makes potatoes instantly by cutting and preparing them fresh, healthier than both light and frozen french fries. 40 kroner.

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A whole new perspective on hamburgers! DUCK IT!, one of the stands inside Copenhagen Street Food. Hamburgers prepared with duck meat bring stones to beef and chicken meat. They took great care of reducing the fat and the way it was cooked so that it did not weigh. Tony, the owner of the stand, mentioned that they are also considering coming to Turkey in the coming months. I hope they come, the most delicious burger you can eat. Hamburger 80 kroner.

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It's a town of 850 people that has declared its own autonomy. As soon as you enter Christiania, you're breaking the rules of the European Union and entering christiania rules. This area was occupied by hippies in the '70s, and then the government failed to remove the settlers. The houses are covered in graffiti. What you're hearing is true; Although cannabis and marijuana are prohibited in Denmark, this ban is not observed here. In addition, christiana's citizens do not have to pay taxes, it is also forbidden to drive due to their narrow streets. Another world within a 10-minute walk of Copenhagen Street Food. By the way, it's important information, no pictures inside.

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Copenhagen Coffe Lab is a place that will be of great interest to coffee lovers. A dimly warm café on the bottom floor of a building. They have different flavored coffees that they make themselves. Don't come back from Copenhagen without a nice cup of coffee. Already in freezing cold, people prefer to go into cafes and drink coffee to warm up. They even produced a special word for it. Coffee Lab is one of the local and most delicious coffee shops here.

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Copenhagen is known as the capital of cycling. While private vehicle use has decreased in Copenhagen since 1970, cycling is increasing rapidly. To encourage cycling, many regulations have been introduced, such as traffic lights, separate roads. If you want to rent a bike and visit the city, this is the right place.

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It includes cafes, restaurants, open-air theaters and an amusement park. Apart from these, you can spend hours enjoying the weather with activities such as botanical garden, lake, aquarium. Tivoli Gardens; It also hosts special events such as Christmas and Halloween. Entry 120 kroner.

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