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10 summer special travel routes

Selimiye, a fishing village until 15 years ago, is just a few of Turkey's undiscovered gems. In this village, where there are more boutique hotels, you can relax by enjoying the calm. Local honey, watermelon jam and octopus are just a few of the most popular dishes. You can have a picnic around the waterfall or visit the ancient city.

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With its colorful beaches and warm climate, Santorini is one of the most popular holiday destinations. This Greek Island, where blue and white are a perfect match, is positioned on mountainous settlements. In addition to the sea, sand and sun, it also attracts attention with its ancient culture. You can go up the old stairs and witness the perfect view of the beach. You can get enough of Aegean food on this island, where more olive oil and fish products are consumed.

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Tokyo can be a city that will fascinate those who go with its unique culture and history. He's most talked about with the imperial palace and the crowded city center. Sushi will give you an unorthodox dining experience with options such as Ramen noodles. You can watch the world-famous Suma wrestling, visit Tokyo Bay, take unique selfies with robots set up in the middle of the city and buildings with different architectures.

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Amsterdam is a city that attracts tourists at all periods of the year with its authentic canals and Dutch architecture. If you are looking for a cultural trip, it will meet all your expectations with its museums and historical sites. You may also be interested in its stores selling antiques and handmade items. In the city centre, you can go for a taste feast with dutch-specific cafes and restaurants, while in one of the huge parks you can unwind.

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Thailand can be a great travel route for adventure-loving tourists with its authentic weather and nature. Visit the majestic palaces and temples and take a canal tour in their unusual canoe. You can walk out of popular tourist areas and walk the back streets to see the city before the skyscrapers are erected and to meet the locals. You can also take boats that serve as restaurants for dinner.

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Ibiza is one of Spain's autonomous archipelago. Famous for its parties and nightlife, this island is one of the most important places in European tourism. Besides its clear waters, this island, which resembles a paradise with its untouched nature, will meet your expectation of a fun holiday. Generality you can find everything you are looking for from international cuisine in restaurants, but mostly Catalan cuisine has a big impact.

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Nice is more of a city that stands out for its narrow streets and history. Since it has been under the influence of Italy for many years, you can easily see the effects of both French and Italian culture. Especially from October to June, he makes a lot of mentions of his operas and theaters, the colorful markets established in the Old Town. Nice is a city where you can relax at sea and take cultural trips.

a city on the water

Montreal is known as Canada's most "European" city. It stands out for its lively young population, bicycles and warm city center. This city, where you can easily travel by renting a bicycle, is at the most favorable temperature in summer. Therefore, it will be more enjoyable to go in summer than in winter. With its international festivals and large port, it offers tourists many options.

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Munich, Germany's third largest city, can be an ideal alternative for those who don't like extreme heat with its refreshing summer weather. Munich's historic architecture is still preserved as it is, so it can make you feel like you've travelled back in time. It's a great city with huge museums and parks.

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Dubrovnik can be considered croatia's most popular holiday destination. The surrounding walls and unesco-protected historical sites make a great photo opportunity for tourists. This city, which is also home to the rare Dalmatian Coast in the world, will fascinate you with its beaches.

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