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10 suggestions for those staying in Istanbul on holiday

Want to relax and reward yourself? Okay, you're in the right place. NG Sapanca's spa center attracts an influx of people from many places because they really work with successful people in their fields. Apart from this, they encourage you to leave your room in the morning and play sports with 3 hiking trails and outdoor pools in the forest. They've got a variety of festive packages, so I'd say talk to them in advance.

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Aydos Hill is the high point of Istanbul and is named after Aydos Castle, which is now in Sultanbeyli district during the Roman and Byzantine periods. The area is slightly cooler than the city due to its elevated rise. You can go on a picnic to Aydos Hill and fill your body with oxygen.

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A surprise escape point in Baltaliman. The Japanese Garden was founded in cooperation with Japan and Turkey and is managed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The park has a fascinating view of the Marmara strait and features several buildings inspired by Japanese architecture. Relax or hike through the Sakura trees.

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During geological formations, hundreds of creatures live in Lake Terkos, which left the Black Sea with a low sandy beach and took its current shape. You can walk or picnic around it; you can spend a day intertwined with nature. Moreover, it is considered the interior of Istanbul.

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The natural wonder, which has not yet made its name, is one of the most beautiful gifts given to Istanbul. When you go, you will not believe its beauty and diversity. The Botanical Garden hosts many events, you can follow them all on the website. Address: Ataturk Mah. FSM Street, TEM Highway Anatolian Highway Junction Ataşehir/Istanbul

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Located in Job; Pierre Loti, nostalgic, called the hill of lovers, is at the top of our to-go list. Today, I recommend going towards the hill, sunset, which can be reached by cable car and also welcomes tourists. The bagel-tea duo's best spot.

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The Neon Demon premieres September 12. The film stars Elle Fanning and Keanu Reeves. The film dramatically tells the fascinating lives of models in Los Angeles. Cushion and Beach Chair price is 23TL.

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Located on a huge area southeast of the Belgrade Forest, the arboretum is a living plant museum created by great efforts. You can go hiking by the lake, lie on the grass and get lost in nature. You're not allowed to take pictures inside, but you're not allowed on a tripod.

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If you plan to go to Burgazada, don't forget to take your swimsuit and towel with you. Madame Martha's Bay is a bay where you can have a very nice time intertwined with clean nature. If you say you don't want to go in the sea, add it to your list for a picnic or watching the sunset.

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If you want to take a quiet sea among the carved rocks, the Rock Pool is an excellent option. The bay, located in The Kanka district of Kocaeli, has recently started to regain its former popularity.

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