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10 steps to protect from depression

Although the most common thing we hear about this outbreak in the context of psychology is coronavirus anxiety, we are also at risk for depression. There can be two sources of depression: 1) extreme anxiety 2) disruption of life's routine. Online Corona test from the Ministry of Health the inability to predict where and when the threat may come from, and the feeling of helplessness to deal with this threat, can increase our anxiety. When anxiety increases and persists for a long time, it creates despair in the person and triggers depression. The person who becomes depressed is gradually withdrawn and quits their daily activities. As a result, he feels more and more depressed every day. In a similar way, a person whose routine and lifestyle are disrupted as a result of being closed at home can gradually quit their daily activities and become introverted. These result in him feeling depressed. 

There are certain steps you can take not to get depressed or to get out of it when you get depressed. The main goal of these steps is to structure your daily life in line with the goals that will connect you to life. Well, let's see...

Consume 3 main meals and 2 Intermediate meals, although nutritionists sometimes express decidedly different opinions. Make sure that the foods you consume are healthy foods. If there is a type of healthy diet that you have wanted to try for a while, start it and maintain it.

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Exercise at home during the day. For a sport you can do, attend classes published on social media channels. 

When he's at home, people can stop showering, combing their hair, walking around in neat clothes, wearing makeup, shaving. Although not doing these things at the end of the week is a relaxing break, disrupting self-care for a long time makes us feel decadent. Maintain your self-care routine every day. For this, you do not need to prepare as if you are going out on the street, you just need to not let go. 

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Write down the tasks you need to complete during the day, the correspondence and interviews you need to do, and your daily household chores. Both working and non-working people can prepare such a list by thinking about their work and living conditions. 

By thinking about the to-do list, define what, when, how long, and how to do it in a concrete and clear way during the day. If you are a working person and you do not have assigned working hours at home, you determine your working hours and decommissioning. If you're not working, plan by thinking about the jobs you're listing. Don't make cramped planning as you have plenty of time. When you complete each item, draw the top or place a sign next to it.

The life of a person with a meaningful and happy life is full of various and stable activities that give him pleasure or increase his knowledge and skills junta. Think about the things you want to do all your life, but you can't start, you can't put off, you can't start and go on with timelessness. There can be many activities that you can identify in areas such as hobbies, fun, creative areas, education, learning, personal development. Think about what you can do at home in them and take action by setting a goal. The internet will allow you to achieve many of your goals. 

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If you have family members, housemates with whom you live at home, make plans to spend quality time with them. Chat, eat together, play games, watch something. Plan online video calls, meetings with family outside the home, close friends, relatives you have not been able to see for a long time. Take your tea or coffee and chat in front of the screen. Don't get lost talking about coronavirus in your chats. Talk about your usual decency, catch up.

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Give yourself rewards such as eating something you want, going on social media, calling someone, watching TV series / movies when you take the steps you have been forced to take to make the routine sustainable. Remember, it will only be possible over time to continue this step when you consistently give yourself these rewards after performing the step you were forced to take.

It's normal for you to feel anxiety. Use this to take recommended measures. Do not attempt to eliminate anxiety, open yourself to it so that your tolerance increases. Keep track of developments on coronavirus only from reliable sources. Spend a total of one or no more than two hours of news time only twice a day. 

Taking these scientifically demonstrated steps will prevent you from feeling depressed. If in some way despair and depression negatively affect your life, please contact an online mental health professional during this period. 

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