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10 signs that you misuse the hair straightener

1. You don't know your hair straightener

If you are buying a new hair straightener, be sure to read the features on the box and find out what material the plates in it are made of. Instead of just a ceramic-coated straightener, opt for a fully ceramic straightener to evenly distribute heat. Or alternatively, you can opt for a flattener with turmaline plates. Turmaline, a special stone, absorbs negative ions from your hair and provides a longer-lasting styling.

2. Your hair straightener does not have a heat control button

The temperature level you should use in your hair varies according to your hair type and the model you want to make. For example, if you have a treated hair, you need to apply a mid-level heat. If you use the highest temperature option, your hair will inevitably wear out.

3. Applying in your damp hair

NEVER. Never make that mistake. If you want to straighten your hair, dry it first. The 'sizzzled' sound when you put your wet hair in the straightener is the last scream of your burning hair!

4. To think that heat protective products are unnecessary

If you use hair straighteners at very frequent intervals, do not forget to use heat-protective hair products. In this way, you can prevent your hair from getting worn out a little bit.

5. You spray too much hairspray

If smoke rises from your hair when applying the straightener, it may be because you apply too much hairspray to your hair. Try to use such products as little as possible, especially if you have blonde and worn hair.

6. Applying a lot of heat on your dyed hair

If you have dyed hair, the rules change! Dyed hair means different shampoos and different care products. When you apply too much heat to your dyed hair, it affects the color molecules and your dye loses its effect in less time.

7. Passing over the same lock of hair without stopping

You need to go over the same spot nonstop, maybe you need to change your straightener. With the right technique and straightener, you only need to go through a pinch once.

8. Trying to straighten your hair by breaking it into large tufts

You're in a hurry, you want your hair straightened as soon as possible, so you go over the large tufts with a straightener.  To flatten large tufts, you need to go over them nonstop. That'll hurt your hair. Maybe you should use small tufts, even if it takes a little longer. The width of your straightener should be the size of the locks of hair you receive.

9. You just straighten your hair

Keep in mind that you can create Armani Prive 2016 Spring Summer Couturewith hair straightener!

10. You do not clean your hair straightener

Do not forget to clean your straightener periodically to maintain the health of your hair. Unplug your straightener, once it starts to cool, you can gently run over it with a slightly damp towel.

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