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10 recommendations to defeat coronavirus and isolation stress

With the decimation of inter-country borders thanks to the developing and widespread technology, the rapid spread of epidemics worldwide has caused coronavirus to suddenly leave even very important issues such as economy, global warming, politics, earthquakes in the background. Negative reactions can be seen at some point in the psychology of individuals who are intertwined throughout the day through the media with many news about the number of cases in countries, death rates, vaccine and drug studies, whether the virus has mutated. Coronavirus disease,in which people are usually caught at a time when they are not ready with the idea that “it doesn't happen to me”, greatly changes the life of both the person and his family. It is also useful in this sense to dwell on the psychological effects caused by isolation, which people sometimes notice late. It can create feelings that a person cannot do what they want to do in such a way as to deprive them of their freedom, a feeling of inhibition in themselves, and then aggression.

Negative feelings are further increased when people's fears about the risk of losing their jobs or even loved ones over time are added to the already existing environment of uncertainty, as well as a complete change in life order. Anger, intolerance,communication problems that occur along with depression, anxiety, depression, such as disorders can be followed. First of all,rather than an understanding of fatalism as in all matters, communities try to be prepared for any disasters that may arise and are properly informed, helping to take measures in advance. When people feel safe in this way, the pressure and stress on them also decreases. Apart from such material preparation, another point to note is the realization of how effective human psychology is in understanding and eliminating the global epidemic. It is clear that every effort in which a person supports each other with their loved ones, without feeling alone,during such a difficult period has a positive contribution. As we try to create a new life routine for ourselves, increasing the capacity to adapt to changes will also reduce the level of stress.

The level of social media tracking should be restricted to the family, and the process should only be tracked from reliable sources.

Quality / fun times to be spent in the home, especially with family members,in accordance with common decisions, Family awareness and integrity should be ensured.

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Feelings should be shared with close and trusted spouses, friends, relatives, and should not be afraid to talk...

A sleep/eat/chat routine should be created without getting caught up in the confusion of unplanned, irregular situations caused by being in the same environment for a long time...

Activities that cannot be done because they cannot be found for a long time, can not be at home, should be remembered, and the advantages of the pandemic should also be noticed (this attitude will get the person used to focusing on a positive point of view for different problems that may be in the future.)

A person must take care to do what he enjoys by devoting special time to himself, thinking about his own happiness...

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Individuals should try to support them by empathizing with the plight of other people or family members...

Especially with children, attention should be paid to avoid the flow of attitude, speech and information pollution that will lead them to anxiety...

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Attention should be paid to social isolation, but communication with the environment should not be severed.

It should be noted that support such as online therapy can also be used in the isolation process when it is considered necessary. In this way, stress levels can be reduced and family communication can be carried out in a healthier way along with individual peace of mind.

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