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10 recommendations for skin rejuvenation

For the past year, masks, soaps, colognes and disinfectants have become indispensable in our daily lives during the pandemic process. Adding to the change in our eating style, intense stress and inability to get enough of daylight, skin problems have greatly increased. Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. Belma Bayraktar “during the pandemic, we consumed more sugary, floury foods, tea and coffee that would make us happy. Because employees at work had to wear masks throughout the day, the mask caused an increase in heat, creating an indoor environment. In this process, we also experience a high increase in ringworm, psoriasis, vitiligo, allergies and hand eczema. Even healthy skin has serious problems, " he says. Dermatologist Dr. Belma Bayraktar explained 10 practical ways to rejuvenate the skin in spring and summer, and gave important warnings and suggestions. 

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Exercise, which we will do for one hour a day by opening the Windows, has very important benefits for our health from a physical, mental and spiritual point of view. Regular exercise also contributes greatly to revitalizing our skin and preventing premature aging of our face. We can work our skin November by doing 10-15 minute facial yoga movements every day. Sitting at the computer for long hours and throwing legs over legs prevents blood circulation in the legs, which also causes the development of varicose veins. It is useful to put a riser under our feet while sitting, get up around the clock and walk a little. 

The contribution of sleep to our beauty is obvious. Adequate and quality sleep directly affects our skin health. Although it varies according to the person, regular sleep is recommended for an average of 6-8 hours per day. Since skin metabolism works at night, we prefer to apply products with active ingredients at night. In addition, continuous sleeping in the side position causes unilateral pressure, development of sleep lines, can create asymmetry. For this reason, we must protect our skin from pressure; if we are lying on our side, we must change position, lie as far back as possible on the appropriate pillow. 

On the morning of a sleepless night, our skin is pale, our custody is edema. In the morning, a massage with cold water or cold gels revitalizes our skin, reduces edema, makes us look more fit. If our detainees are swollen and edema, we can dip the gauze in chilled Yesil tea and dress it up. Then we can clean it with a suitable cleanser and massage our moisturizing cream in the direction of lymph drainage from the bottom up. The same applies to the neck.

For a healthy skin and body, it is necessary to drink two liters of water a day. Drinking enough water is very important for moisturizing our skin, working organs, removing toxins from the body. Water is health, it is very important in intercellular metabolic exchange Dec. Some of us believe that the tea and coffee we drink also meet our water needs, but on the contrary, these drinks are diuretic, causing water loss. It is necessary not to overdo it in tea and coffee consumption, but also to drink water after drinking tea and coffee. 

Proper nutrition is extremely important for our skin and body health. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals, no additives, sufficient protein content is very important for our overall health. These are recommendations that apply to everyone. In some skin diseases, a special nutrition program is applied. Acne skin excessive carbohydrate foods, chocolate, excessive consumption of dairy products exacerbates the disease. In those with Rose disease, consumption of spices, coffee, and alcohol triggers the disease. In addition, hot steam baths and sun rays also negatively affect the disease. Stress is the trigger factor in both of these diseases.

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Dermatologist Dr. Belma Bayraktar “we have to clean our skin 2 times a day. Our cleaning product should be selected according to the skin structure. If dry skin uses an oily skin cleansing product, the skin dries and wrinkles. After cleaning, it is necessary to use a suitable moisturizer. Oily and acne skin complaints increase if they use intense antiaging products. Make-up under the mask can cause acne formation by blocking the pores with an increase in heat and perspiration. Mask allergies are also common in some sensitive skin. So applying water-based, non-clogging moisturizers to our skin will provide protection. Dense products that will block the pores should not be used,” he says.

Our hands were the most worn out organ in the pandemic. Frequent use of hand soap, disinfectant and Cologne disrupted the barrier system of our skin, leading to cracks, dryness, redness and irritation. The soap we wash our hands with is extremely important. We should use soaps that are compatible with skin pH, do not dry, moisturize. Soaps containing intense chemical disinfectants cause irritation to our skin. We should apply moisturizing cream to our hands after each wash. If we apply moisturizer to our hands in front of the TV while sitting in the evening and keep it closed for 1 hour with a refrigerator bag or plastic bag, we will repair our impaired moisture balance. When doing business at home, we should definitely wear rubber gloves with cloth lining inside. We should avoid direct contact with laundry and dish detergents.

Even if we live at home, we have to put on our sunscreen. We always get light from the screen, the window, the lamps. We can do a skin mask once or two days a week. This mask should be a mask determined by our doctor suitable for our skin type.

For our skin health, our mental health is also very important. Engaging in activities that will make us happy, listening to the music we love, watching movies that we like, motivating us, reading books that will make us think positively, meditating, doing yoga, talking to the people we love that will make us happy, chatting are activities that we can all do easily.

Dermatologist Dr. Belma Bayraktar “smoking and being a passive smoker cause very serious damage to our general health, as well as leads to rapid premature aging of our skin. It causes both an increase in acne and capillary dilations. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid smoking and passive smoking,” he says. 

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