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10 Questions in Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia does not require visas from citizens of the Republic of Turkey. You can add it to your visa-free travel routes.

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The weather is always very hot due to the tropical climate of the country! Summer period; It falls in June, July, August. This period is also a high season period.

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Cartagena is an extremely safe city. It's a holiday city because it's by the sea. The city is inundated with many tourist attractions, especially young tourists from the USA. You can find teenagers everywhere who have come for bachelor parties.

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Popular Streets: Curato de Santo Toribio, Calle de la Universidad.

Popular Squares : Plaza De la Aduana, Plaza de Bolivar, Plaza de la Trinidad, Calle Del Guerrero, Plaza de los Coches.

In the squares, you can take pictures with ladies who will greet you with la pollera colora skirts and fruits.

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La Cevicheria: Anthony Bourdain also recommended this restaurant on his show. You can eat the best seafood here. Don't come back from Colombia without eating ceviche!

Carmen: Fine dine and a local restaurant where you can try modern examples of future Colombian cuisine.

La Cocina de Pepina: Another restaurant where you can try traditional Colombian cuisine... A restaurant that's more shabby and cozy than the others.


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Cafe, por favor!

Colombia is the 3rd largest coffee producer in the world and coffee is a very important place for the Colombian economy. There's a coffee chain in Cartagena called Juan Valdez. It's reminiscent of Starbucks in style, but its coffee is much, much better.

For more coffee experiences, consider the coffee triangle route in Colombia. Visit the coffee farms between the cities of Medellin, Bogota, Armenia and Pereria and enjoy both the scenery and the coffee.

Recommendations from the locals: Tinto is Colombia's most famous coffee. If you like hard coffee, just say 'Tinto' when ordering!

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Maria Bonita: A very sweet tapa bar with breezes from Mexico and Frida Kahlo.

Alquimico: An extremely lively and stylish cocktail bar.

La Jugada: It's a very popular nightclub.

La Movida: this is also a very popular nightclub but it will be a bit difficult to get through the door...

Townhouse Terrace: Be sure to stop by for a spectacular sunset view!

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Wherever you're staying, you should definitely stay in the Old Town, the old town. All life and everywhere to see is in the Old Town and the new city is a bit far away and artificial.

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You can buy traditional Colombian handmade wayu or rattan bags and accessories. The currency is Colombian Peso. There's credit cards in stores.

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The capital Bogota and Escobar's city, Medellin, are the most popular cities in Colombia. However, since the country has a bank on the Amazon River, you can add an Amazon tour to your trip and get a chance to see the pink dolphins.

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