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10 products that give quick results for damaged hair

Aveda's newest products, the Botanical Repair series, are vegan and eco-friendly. So far, most of the products we are used to in Hair Repair have been repairing two layers of hair. The highlight of this series is that it affects all three layers... Its content is not synthetic, but the plant molecules in its formula form new bonds in the hair in a natural way. With regular use, even the most powerless or even burnt hair can quickly recover. 

PHYTO is a French hair care brand famous for its 95% natural content. PHYTOKÉRATINE is also one of the brand's award-winning series... PHYTOKÉRATIN shampoo retains its sensitivity while cleaning your hair thanks to its sulfate-free content. He's reconstructing the hair. Hair becomes more durable, flexible and silky. Phytobaume REPAIR Conditioner, which is recommended to use after shampoo, makes it easy to comb without reducing the volume of hair when used after shampoo. An ideal conditioner for hair that is easier to shape, more durable, more flexible and silky. Effective repair was recorded in 75% of those who tried this duo.

The cause of dryness, whether physiological or external attacks (highlights, paint, brushing, drying, etc.) get, very dry hair needs special care... Most of all after the summer, when the sun, sand, wind, water, salt and chlorine are damaged... All the active ingredients easily penetrate the hair strand with the rich ilipe oil in this mask, which is specially developed by Ducray, a French brand, for dry hair.  According to the open use test conducted on 76 women with extremely curly hair after 1 month of use in combination with nutricerat intensive care shampoo, the satisfaction percentage is 80%. 

Containing shea butter, which has been produced locally by Ghanaian women who have used shea butter to intensively nourish their dry hair for generations, this product stands out for its smell as much as its effect. Local Trade shea butter and cocoa butter from Ghana, local trade organic and pure coconut oil from Samoa, and local Trade organic olive oil from Italy are both natural and ethical care products... Once a week, you will notice that they are healthier and softer when you apply them by massaging your worn and dry hair. 

PHYTOKÉRATIN restorative mask for worn and weak hair, penetrates deeply into the hair with the herbal keratin contained in it, restructuring the hair. The combination of free and bound hyaluronic acids it contains helps maintain the maximum moisture level of the hair while nourishing and plumping strands of hair. Ceramides repair the outer layer of the hair, allowing it to achieve a smooth appearance. After any shampoo suitable for your hair type, it can also be used with PHYTOKÉRATINE restorative shampoo belonging to the same series.

Thérapiste Hair Mask is an Intensive Hair Care Mask for very worn and over-treated hair... It has the effect of restoring strength and elasticity by deeply repairing the essence of the hair strand. Hair comes alive and becomes beautiful. It has the ability to compensate for decayed keratinous proteins and reactivate their synthesis.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease intensive moisturizing nourishing care mask provides deep care to the hair with its formula containing 150ml avocado oil. Help strengthen dry, worn, electrified and blistering hair, protect it from breakage.  It supports hair hydration, soft glow.  Suitable for the use of dyed hair.

A product developed for hair that has become worn, porous and is suitable for breaking due to chemical or mechanical processes. Its formula, which contains a balanced concentration of care ingredients, targets damaged and weak areas of the external structure of the hair, while at the same time repairing the internal structure of the hair for a long-term effect, supporting and giving flexibility. He reconstructs the hair structure from the inside out. It balances moisture content, strengthens hair and increases its flexibility. It increases combability of hair and gives it shine.

Davines frayed Dry conditioner is recommended for easily broken, dry and extremely moisture-free hair. It has a structure that does not tire the skin with a pH of 4.0. Grape extract has a protective effect against the sun's Rays. It also prevents the formation of free redicals after drying. Rice protein moisturizes the hair and forms a protective film. Jojoba oil makes the hair soft and extremely shiny. Passionflower keeps the moisture balance of your hair. Almond oil, vitamin E supplement makes your hair look more lush, healthy and shiny. Tangerine oil strengthens the scalp and provides oil balance.

Restorative active milk mask for dry and worn hair, a strong dense mask. It repairs worn areas by caring for the internal structure of the hair. It adds texture to worn hair, making them more resistant. It repairs hair and makes it more resistant to re-wear. Specially developed integrity patented formula has the effect of extending the life of colors. It gives the hair silky softness and shine.

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