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10 podcasts that feel good

Faced with the fact that we spent a year at home because of the pandemic, we found that people's daily lives have changed decisively, and most are looking to take a break between their busy schedules to get some relief wherever possible. 

Wanna return to ourselves, and maybe a peaceful meditation to clear our heads a bit like a healthy and balanced eating habits nutrition for their routine to delve into a peaceful sleep at bedtime want to freshen up, to get to listen to audio books, Spotify's new data and finding new ways to adapt to maintain their sanity people stay in their own home with wellness-oriented content reveals a rise in interest in.  

To understand how people change their lifestyles during quarantine and stay positive, Spotify has deconstructed trends in health-focused audio content over the past 12 months to show how audio world followers are inspired to take care of their health and continue their healthy lifestyle focus even after a year.   

Spotify also sheds light on how listeners are also trending for personal growth-themed content beyond health-focused podcasts. On a professional level, we see that users also use business podcasts to hear more about topics such as thinking structure, personal development, and even creative inspiration during quarantine. 

In the past year alone with the pandemic, the proportion of listeners worldwide listening to health-focused podcasts on Spotify has increased by 116 per cent. This figure is even higher in Turkey and goes beyond the global increase of 177 percent.

While the podcast categories that are most listened to in the focus of wellness around the world are listed in the form of personal development, meditation and nutrition, meditation-themed content in Turkey stands out a little more. In Turkey, the most listened podcast categories in the field of healthy living consist of publications that offer content on topics such as personal development, meditation, meditation & relaxation. Through The Eyes Of The Unicorn, Mindfulness and Stardust podcast publications such as some of them. 

 How much does wellness podcasts rest in Turkey?

Dec March 2020 to February 2021, Spotify users listened to more than 85 million minutes of wellness-oriented podcasts on average. In Turkey, the most listened podcast broadcasts in this area are as follows, respectively:  Stair Therapy, Jade's Healer and Positive World.

Top 5 most popular wellness-themed podcast categories worldwide since March 2020 on Spotify:

Personal development

10 most popular podcasts on Spotify with the theme of healthy living in Turkey since March 2020:

Stair Therapy
Jade's Healer
Positive World
Unicornun Gozuyle
Dogan Cüceloğlu
Organic Brains Podcast
Psychologist Tulay Root

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