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10 perfumes for your lover on February 14

Prada's modern scent, which has been everyone's favorite lately, combines iris and amber, their iconic ingredients, for the first time. L'Homme, a modern blend of these two notes, also incorporates neroli, geranium and patchy aromas. It will suit your lover very well with its young, dynamic and prominent smell in city life.

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Aqua Di Gio Homme, one of the rare perfumes that appeals to different age groups, will bring a breeze from the sea to your lover. Another feature of this smell, which has a long permanence, is that it combines fruit and tree scents in a masculine style. Jasmine, lavender, bergamot and neroli in the upper notes; It contains rosemary in its middle notes and Mediterranean spline on its basic note, Moroccan cedir. When the perfume first came out, it was introduced with the slogan "essence of heaven".

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Calvin Klein Be, which is called the smell of "cool man", is known for being an ageless perfume for many years. Although unisex is a fragrance preferred by men, it contains flower and fruit aromas and gives its user a feeling of freshness. CK Be, tangerine, bergamot, mint and lavender on the top notes; magnolia and peaches in the middle notes; The bottom notes have the smell of sandalwood. It was also a very popular perfume with its black bottle with minimal design.

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Diesel's Bad perfume, which is launched with the slogan "Discover the bad boy inside you" and has an addictive smell, makes a difference with its fresh woody notes. This perfume, which has a mysterious charm, combines tobacco with caviar. Bad's caviar note, one of the smells that gives its name its due, was met with great interest. Launched in mid-2016, the perfume impresses with its permanence thanks to its skin-matching smell.

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Silver Shadow, a fragrance usually preferred by men over 35, offers you the harmony of bitter orange, saffron and amber. This perfume, which will be an indispensable option for lovers of orientalist fragrances, promises to give its user charisma. Silver Shadow, which will appeal to your eye taste with its stylish perfume bottle, can be easily used by those who want stylish simplicity.

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Launched in 2002 and a favorite perfume of many men, Polo Blue will take you to a seaside town full of fruit trees. Melons, cucumbers, mandarins in the upper notes of perfume; There is a medium note geranium, sage, basil and musk, leather, patchy, oak moss on the bottom note. Perfume will be especially suitable for spring and summer months.

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Santal 33, which is woody and has a rich smell, consists of notes of leather, violet, sandalwood, musk and iris flower in general. The smell of skin on the top notes offers an unusual smell to its lovers. In the lower notes of this perfume, which can be heavy for those who do not like a hard start smell, we are greeted by a soft smell with milk and vanilla. Frank Voelki designed the perfume.

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Wonderwood perfume, where the cedar smell on the top notes of perfume greets us when it is first squeezed, is one of the iconic fragrances of Comme Des Garçons. As we progress, vetiver, patchy and towards the end, notes of wet wood, incense and cashmere remain dominated. We think men who are adventurous, who love mobility and action, will love it.

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Blending fresh fruit fragrances with woody notes, this perfume naturally offers the scent of rosemary that dominates the general. L'eau Bleue, which turns into soapy and clean smell in its bottom notes, is said to be preferred by men who work in an office environment. Jacques Cavallier is the designer of this fragrance, which does not feel heavy and artificial.

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This perfume, which has a woody essence, stands out with its endless, immortal smell. This perfume mystery air, which reveals all its notes over time, captures a different harmony in each man's skin. Citrus blend on the hill note, rosemary, pine thorn; It contains orange blossom, iron tree, basil and vanilla on the bottom note. Your lover will love this perfume, which is suitable for daily use and is usually appreciated.

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