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10 nutrients that raise our energy in the spring

Thanks to the rich protein in egg content, it is an important nutrient, especially fighting spring fatigue. The choline it contains helps protect the cell wall, while biotin and vitamin A also strengthen immunity. Nutrition and diet expert Yesil Uzunoglu stated that the egg should be cooked correctly to benefit from the biotin in its content, “it should be noted that the green ring does not form in a well-cooked egg, because this ring, called iron-sulfur, prevents the use of iron in the body. Be sure to consume one egg a day due to its many benefits on our health,” he says.

Apple, rich in Pulp source pectin, supports intestinal health and is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant vitamin, and provides support in reducing the effects of spring fatigue. Consuming one apple a day satisfies your need for a portion of fruit. 

” Strawberries with high antioxidant properties with anthocyanin contain contribute to the body's fight against Spring fatigue, " said nutrition and diet expert Deniz Uzunoglu, noting that strawberries also support you to calm down in stressful situations with Vitamin B6 content. Consuming 10-12 strawberries a day is equivalent to one serving of fruit. 

Artichoke, which does not stop counting the benefits, in addition to potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin B3, contains ‘ciarin’ to help organs work October, as well as fighting body fatigue. Do not forget to consume 2-3 servings per week of artichokes, which support intestinal health with its prebiotic effect and have low calories. 

Spinach, one of the richest sources of antioxidants, plays a role in increasing body resistance with its magnesium, iron and potassium content, which makes it good against Spring fatigue. It also supports gut health with its low calories and rich fiber content. High amounts of ‘quercetin’ in spinach contribute to the body's fight against stress.

Arugula, a powerful antioxidant with glucosinolate and high chlorophyll content, increases fitness by fighting the stress that spring fatigue creates in the body. Be sure to include arugula in your breakfast to start your day more energetically. 

Walnut, which is immune friendly and valuable fatty acid with its vitamin E content, fights the stress caused by spring fatigue in the body thanks to the antioxidant polyphenolic components it contains and the fiber in the shell. Make a habit of consuming 2 walnuts a day to spend spring in shape. 

Kiwi has an important role in strengthening immunity thanks to the abundant vitamin C it contains. Studies show that Kiwis improve our mood and make us feel more energetic. Consuming Kiwi along with eggs in your breakfast will help you start your day more energetic.

Purslane, which has a high omega-3 ratio, also contributes to strengthening immunity along with the potassium and magnesium it contains, supporting you to cope with spring fatigue. Purslane, which you should not miss from your tables with its low calorie, high vitamin and mineral content, is even more useful when consumed together with yogurt. 

“Thanks to the antioxidant properties that Plum has, it supports the immune system and increases the body's resistance to fatigue,” says Deniz Uzunoglu, a nutrition and dietitian, noting that Plum increases iron absorption with its high vitamin C content. 

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