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10 nutrients that quench thirst

Fluid loss from the body accelerates with increased sweating in the summer heat, which presses well. Prolonged dehydration can also lead to problems such as weakness, headache and impaired concentration. Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Nutrition and diet specialist Ayşe Sena Binöz, vital functions to continue the liquid need, without waiting for thirst to be put in place stating that " daily 2-2, 5 L (10-12 cups) water consumption should be taken care of. Although increasing consumption of cold coffee, tea and carbonated drinks in the summer is considered to meet the body's liquid needs, on the contrary, these drinks containing caffeine are diuretics (diuretics), which lead to fluid loss in the body,” he says. Ayşe Sena Binöz, a nutrition and diet expert who emphasizes that those with insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and diabetes should be careful when consuming summer fruits, also emphasizes that it is necessary to remember that excess consumption of these fruits will turn into fat in the body. Ayşe Sena Binöz, nutrition and diet expert, told 10 foods that will support meeting the liquid need in the summer.

Cucumber supports the body's fluid loss with a high water content of 95 percent, while folate, potassium, C and A vitamins also contain blood pressure to reduce.  Cucumber, which is a refreshing nutrient alternative that can be preferred on summer days with its low calorie and satiety effect, can also be consumed in your decoctions with the addition of lemon. 

Low glycemic index and high fiber content are effective in maintaining blood sugar balance and in the diet process. A rich water content extends your toughness while supporting your liquid needs throughout the day. But salt consumption of plums can lead to the formation of edema in the body. It is especially useful for blood pressure patients to consume plums without salt. By consuming plums in 1 serving size (7 medium sizes) during the day, you can help meet your daily liquid needs.

Yogurt, which is rich in water, protein, calcium, phosphorus and riboflavin, helps to facilitate digestion. Its probiotic composition facilitates digestion and is effective in strengthening the immune system. Rich water content is an effective alternative to meeting liquid needs in summer temperatures. It is useful not to neglect the consumption of at least 1 serving (150 g) of yogurt during the day. 

The 90 percent rich water content of watermelon helps to extend your satiety while maintaining your body's water balance. Watermelon has high lycopene content. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and helps protect cells and remove toxins. Potassium content helps regulate blood pressure. It supports your immune system with its vitamin A content. With watermelon's rich water content, you can spend your summer evenings lighter while meeting your liquid needs. But those with insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and diabetes should not exceed 1 serving (220 g) per day under specialist Control. 

"Melon, which contains about 91 percent of water, is a good alternative to meet your liquid needs on summer days with high potassium, folate and vitamin A content. With its distinctive aroma, you can choose your salads, smoothies; you can add small slices of melon to your juice. It is important that people with diabetes, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and kidney disease consume melon with a high glycemic index without passing 1 serving measure (170 g) per day, under expert control,” he says.  

Instead of heavy food consumption in summer temperatures, you can create light and different meal alternatives with zucchini, which is 95 percent water. It helps reduce the risk of constipation by facilitating your digestion while supporting your weight control process with its rich water content. Pumpkin fiber is a source of vitamins A, B6 and C, folate, magnesium and phosphorus; it provides protection against free radicals that cause cell damage in the body. High fiber and water content helps reduce hunger and appetite. You can choose pumpkin grated in salads, sautéed with olive oil, soups, pancakes, casserole dishes or as a side dish. 

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Strawberries rich in vitamin C contain 91 percent of water. The rich fiber content helps support the digestive system by feeding beneficial bacteria in the intestines. 1 serving (10 medium sizes) per day can be consumed, as its low glycemic index does not lead to sudden fluctuations in blood sugar. Its antioxidant content helps support heart health. High water content helps to replace the liquid lost during the day and extend your toughness period.

The rich water content is effective in replacing the liquid lost daily, controlling appetite and maintaining blood sugar balance. The vitamin C content of peach supports your immune system; the vitamin A content is of great importance in eye health. It supports your fiber content and weight control process. As an alternative to fruit consumed daily, you can eat 1 serving (1 medium size) of peaches in your decoctions, salads, or breakfasts.

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Lettuce contains 95 percent water. Increasing lettuce consumption helps to replace the fluid lost by the body in summer. Fiber, vitamin A and C content also support the removal of toxins in the body, while maintaining body health. High water and fiber content are effective in prolonging your satiety period, while maintaining your blood sugar balance throughout the day. With low energy content, you can consume lettuce raw in your breakfasts, salads or decoctions.  

“It is very effective in replacing the liquid lost in summer with 95 percent water in the tomato content, " said Ayşe Sena Binöz, a nutrition and diet expert. It also provides protection against free radicals in the body with its rich antioxidant content, vitamins A and C, and supports the immune system. When consuming tomatoes, you can increase the effect of lycopene, which shows antioxidant properties in tomatoes, with the addition of olive oil that you will add to it,” he says. 

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