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10 nutrients that increase body resistance after covid

Pomegranate is a decidedly dominant fruit of antioxidant power among seasonal fruits. Thanks to the polyphenols in it, it reduces cell damage. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation that occurs during the disease process. Decouple pomegranate into halves and add it to your salads or add it to your yogurt as an intermediate meal in the afternoon. If you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, consuming pomegranate may be inconvenient for you.

Citrus lemons, oranges and tangerines from the citrus family are rich in vitamin C, which must be consumed. These fruits, with their vitamin C and antioxidant content, fight free radicals and strengthen your immune system. In addition, flavonoids such as hesperidin and apigenin in citrus fruits protect brain health and prevent neurodegenerative disorders. If you add 1 lemon to your salad every day and consume 1 orange, you can meet your daily vitamin C needs without the need for October.

Eggs are a quality source of protein and a nutrient that contains all the amino acids we need.decoction Egg Covid-19 supports your increased protein need to recover from cell damage. It protects your heart health by increasing the good cholesterol in your body. You can consume eggs boiled for breakfast or in the form of an omelette instead of your lunch.

From quality protein sources, fish is a nutrient that should be included in your daily diet for strong immunity. Iodine is very useful for your body with protein and healthy fat content. 1 fish per week; reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. An important point is the cooking method of the fish. The frying process increases the fat content of the fish and reduces its healthy nutritional content. Be sure to use methods of boiling, grilling or baking when cooking fish.

“Broccoli is a dark Yesil vegetable, and it shows that it is a store of vitamins, " said roksi Menase, a nutrition and dietitian. Containing vitamin C, Vitamin K and bioactive compounds, it strengthens your immune system and reduces inflammation. Rich fiber content protects your cardiovascular health. It also facilitates digestion, protecting it from constipation problem. Do not forget to consume cabbage and Brussels sprouts, which are from the cabbage family. If you are experiencing excessive gas complaints, you can limit your broccoli consumption,” he says.

Carrots get their dark orange color from a very valuable antioxidant called betacarotene. This antioxidant strengthens our immune system. But in addition, it regulates blood flow with vitamin A, Vitamin K, potassium content. It positively affects people with blood pressure problems. Don't say,' carrots are too sugary.' If you are not a diabetic with very high blood sugar levels, be sure to add carrots to your salads, meals, or consume 1-2 pieces to suppress your sweet desires during decoctions.

Ginger is a very healthy food, with a strong inflammation-reducing compound called gingerol. Besides its immune-boosting effect, it is good for nausea troubles. It reduces your risk of getting sick by resisting bacteria and viruses. If you experience nausea during or after Covid-19, you can try consuming ginger tea.

Honey, if it is natural, is a nutrient that has very valuable antioxidants in it. It reduces cough symptoms that occur during the disease and improves sleep quality. If you are still experiencing cough symptoms after Covid-19, you can try consuming 1 teaspoon of honey per day. In addition, instead of choosing packaged food because it is a sweet food, you can meet this need with a healthy food. It is necessary not to expose it to high heat in order to avoid being processed as much as possible when consuming and to prevent the formation of toxic substances. In addition, honey should not be given to babies under the age of 1.

Almonds contain plenty of vitamin E, magnesium and fiber. The healthy fats in it strengthen your heart health by lowering bad cholesterol. It also supports your immune system thanks to powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E. If you have a sleep disorder, you can consume almonds, almonds have a sleep-regulating effect. A feature that you should pay attention to when consuming almonds is raw, roasted almonds with high salt and fat content can cause weight gain and high cholesterol in excess consumption.  

“Water consumption is very important in the fight against Covid-19 virus and after recovery, as in all stages of life, " said roksi Menase, a nutrition and dietitian. With fever and infection, your body needs to put back the water it lost. Therefore, it is very important to consume water during the recovery phase. Consume at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. In order to have liquid support, you can consume soups and herbal teas.

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