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10 natural methods against sweating

Choosing light clothing in summer days is one of the factors that will reduce the effect of the sun. Especially avoid clothes that surround your body and clothes with high synthetic proportions. Opt for cotton fabrics and wide-woven clothing that can take your sweat.

Contrary to popular belief, abundant fluid consumption does not increase sweating. Water keeps your body temperature in balance. When sweating is intense, salt loss also occurs from our body. Therefore, in order to keep the sodium level within the healthy range, drink a lot of water, as well as mineral water.

Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol as drinking large amounts of coffee and tea and consuming alcohol triggers sweating and increases dehydration.

Be careful when consuming very hot, spicy and fatty foods, as onions and garlic also increase sweating. Instead of fast food and heavy foods, consume light and simple foods.

Dermatologist Dr. Burçak Bozdemir Aral says, "You can consume sage and tomato juice without overdoing it, as it is among the drinks that reduce the effectiveness of sweat glands."

Excess weight is one of the main factors that cause sweating. So get rid of your excess weight with a healthy diet to both maintain your overall health and reduce sweating. Get expert support if necessary.

Bathe at least once a day. When you leave the bathroom, dry well and use anti-perspiration products. Always change your clothes and clothes after each bath.

Ventilate your environment, home and office frequently during the day. Ensuring air circulation reduces sweating a little bit.

Avoid excessive movement as jobs that require physical activity increase sweating. Do not go outside unless you have to at noon when the sun's rays are upright. If you need to be outside and in the sun all the time due to your work, try to rest with a break at the appropriate times.

Showering with hot water raises body temperature and causes a lot of sweating. Bathe with warm or, if possible, cold water to keep body temperature in balance.

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