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10 most read books in quarantine

A philosophy of life that has made knowledge and work since the early years of youth Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortaylı, How To Live A Lifetime? in his book, he offers his readers a unique guide to life based on his own life experience. Ortayli, who conveys his valuable views on many issues, from turning points of human life to correct working methods, from choice of profession to language learning, from travel to art, continues to illuminate the path of his readers in the field of personal development.

Publishing house: Chronicle Book

"I found a constant responsibility for such words and actions that I did not know properly whether I wanted, but ultimately claimed that I did not want if they were against me: I called it the devil in me, he charged it with all my actions that I was afraid to take on his defense, and where I would spit in my face, I considered my soul worthy of compassion and care, like an oppressed person who suffered injustice, a quirk of coincidence. But what Devil, saint, what Devil? It's a fabrication of our pride, our stupidity.."

In this novel, Sabahattin Ali shows the pressure of the social agenda on personalities and the "Trapped" of the powerless person. A sharp look at the darkness of the enlightened, "the devil in man."

Publishing house: Yapı Kredi Publications

Hey, guys, I'm Shakir. Everyone knows a. k. a. King Shakir!

Here are two new stories in this book that have never been published anywhere before. We're going after the oldest sport in the world and all the way to Kars. Of course, because Necati brother is constantly hungry, our journey is quite long and full of adventure. But when we meet the wise grandfather, we learn the oldest sport. Our adventures don't end with that. We enter from one end of the solar system and exit from the other. From the deep seas to the forests, we become heroic firefighters. And we're all trying to get to Lömpen Island. I can't eat Necati brother's right in this adventure, he guides us very well. He's always mixing things up because he's hungry, but fine.

Necati Brother, stop it is inedible! Ready for a trip to Adventure Island?

Bonus: 22 ways to gain the habitat of reading books

Publishing house: Missing Track


A painful life is to maintain life and to accept in the ordinary course of life until the pain until I know what is real and overwhelming Sugar, Orange; Little, who lives in poverty and love nothing from the world, the reader not only through the eyes of a little child, offers a window of a universal truth. 

Brazilian author Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos ' 1968 work Sugar Orange is one of the memorable masterpieces of world literature with its lean narrative and striking story.Dec. Based on the inner world of a child, the work, which bears traces from the life of its author, feels the weight of maturation, kneading with pain to all humanity. 

Sugar orange, which reflects Latin American literature in all aspects with its realistic narrative and emotional theme, will allow you to feel purity, compassion and pain down to your bones with complete empathy.

Publishing house: Can Child

With its impressive story, simple narration and depth, The Alchemist is one of the most beloved works of World Classics. Published in 42 countries and translated into 26 languages shortly after its publication, the work retains its place among the most widely read novels in Turkey from 1996 to the present Dec. If you're both an adventure enthusiast and a philosophy enthusiast, The Alchemist will influence you, too. 

The Alchemist relates the journey of an Andalusian shepherd named Santiago, beginning in Spain and ending in Egypt. Santiago's adventure, which leaves behind everything he has on a dream he sees, brings him to the truth of life as well as his dreams. As you turn the pages of The Alchemist, you and Santiago will go on a journey inside yourself.

Publishing house: Can Publications

"The last day of a death row inmate “is a novel written by Victor Hugo (1802-1885), one of the most important writers of world literature, without naming himself when he was still twenty years old. The author wrote this novel, influenced by an execution scene in Greve Square. The fact that he protested by describing the impact of the execution on society and the individual with great skill, while at the same time penning the thoughts and feelings of a condemned man awaiting his execution, in the form of a “mental autopsy”, gave the novel a different feature.

“The last day of a death row inmate” by Victor Hugo, one of the most important writers of French literature with his works such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The wretches, has also taken the place of the world classics in terms of being one of the first examples of novelism.

Publishing house: Can Publications

Described as a dystopia, this magnificent work by George Orwell reveals how much the past actually bears traces of the future. With this work, which he penned in 1948, Orwell leaves a protest to the modern world today. Although his book depicts the year 1984, you can also find traces of today in the depths of the book. In this case, of course, George Orwell's foresight is effective.

As a critique of Soviet Russia, this book also focuses on concepts such as the oppression of modern politics, injustice in society, the desire of people to be uniform, the control of the mind and the destruction of individuality. The novel, which includes realistic aspects as well as utopian ones, invites you to think in the social order in which you live. This novel, which gives clues as to where we may be dragged if precautions are not taken, will not be left in your hands.

Publishing house: Can Publications

In an unnamed Yesil in an unnamed country, a man at the wheel of his car waiting for the traffic light to turn green suddenly goes blind. But he is not buried in darkness, but in a white void. After that, the epidemic of blindness spreads throughout the city, even the entire country. No administration remains in the country, no order; all the Blind are quarantined. An unimaginable chaos, filth, hunger and bullying are now reigning. Life has stopped, people's only effort is to survive at all costs. The novel focuses on seven people, one of whom is a child, who are quarantined in a mental hospital in the city, who are not separated from each other when they are released from there. Among them is a woman who is the only one in the whole city who sees the eyes and guides those in the group Dec. These seven people are fighting an incredible battle for survival in this hellish city. This chaotic world, portrayed by Saramago with great powers of observation, is a symbol of man's dark side.

Publishing house: Red Cat

Animal Farm, published in 1945 by British author George Orwell, who became famous for his dystopian novels, contains a deep criticism of the system under its fairy-tale atmosphere. The work, written in the genre of Fable, is among the author's works that have reached the widest audience, along with his 1984 novel Dec. The novel, which is about a farm on the front and the animals living in it, deals with states, forms of government and societies in a simple narrative as well as symbolic.

Orwell's novel Animal Farm, decried among contemporary classics, is among the most decidedly satirical novels in world literature. In the subtext of his novel, The author includes the negative aspects of multiple administrations, and he bases his main theme on criticism of socialism. In addition to being ideologically inclined towards socialism, Orwell challenges totalitarian rule in his novel.

Publishing house: Can Publications

” The smartest of all animals, I can do nothing but attack with my pen as sharp as a sword those who turn it into an automatic functioning machine by applying a method of oppression to a man who knows what good means... " an atmosphere of a future like a nightmare... young people who terrorize the streets at night, their lives are based on violence, and Alex, the anti-hero of this story... The 15-year-old protagonist of automatic Orange, which has not lost its “cult novel” feature since its publication, said: “What is good or bad?", "Can man choose his fate of free will? the violent scenes are accompanied by music by Beethoven and Mozart; Alex and his “gang brothers” Pete, Georgie and Dummiof dig into the mind of reading the words of the brand new language they have created. The automatic Orange, also filmed in 1971 by the famous director Stanley Kubrick, is one of the most jarring novels of all time. 

Publishing house: Iş Bankası Kültür Yayınları

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