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10 most beloved summer perfume

With a dense bouquet of roses and fruity floral roots, consisting of an iconic lavender-vanilla pairing, tinged with delicious pear notes Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose it's like a bottle of passion... Identified with Angelina Jolie, the face of perfume, the fragrance appeals to unique and energetic women. 

Flower by Kenzo it's literally an iconic smell... The oriental floral peak has rose and violet on the note, vanilla and white musk on the middle note and almond and amber on the bottom note. This light, powdery smell refers to women who are emotional and love simplicity. The floral pattern embroidered on the thin glass bottle will also get a pretty nice place on your makeup table.

Composed of notes of mandarin, bergamot, orange blossom, jasmine, rose, sandalwood and patchouli Roberto Cavalli Florence Blossom it appeals to women who are as sophisticated as it is natural. He drew his inspiration from his luxurious Florentine villas, surrounded by a flower garden...

An energetic and unusual smell... Venetian-style glass inspired by the art of puffy, Angela Missoni; shaded purple, fuchsia and Yesil artifact colors by combining an irresistible, modern, and design that never gets old MISSONI she reveals a unique bottle that also highlights her iconic sense of style.  An ambitious perfume with citrus on the top note, Magnolia and Jasmine on the middle note, and tonka beans and cedar on the bottom note...

This fragrance, which takes you on a journey on the Italian Riviera, is presented with a unique bottle that evokes the luxury clutch of Bottega Veneta. This interpretation, which stands out with the iconic leather chipre, which is denser than the first Eau de perfume, reveals that the brand's fragrances use the highest quality raw materials. Floral and leather notes combine with Harmony of wood and Amber, creating a musk-like aroma Knot Absolue 'it's decidedly coming together. 

Inside the iconic Chloé pleated bottle and adorned with a coral pink ribbon L'eau it has an abundance of dazzling roses sublimated with a vibrant Magnolia. Combined with Magnolia in the middle notes, rose creates freshness, naturalness and novelty. The basic notes settle into your skin with oak, cedar, amber and Musk. The perfume is presented in an elegantly curled bottle, decorated with pink ribbon to reflect the freshness of the fragrance.

Inspired by Prada, perfumer Daniela Andrier has created a work full of contrasts. She started by blending the Valley Lily, an elegant and sensual flower, with touches of real Jasmine, real Rose and synthetic Yesil. Soft, fresh and young Miu Miu  it was set against a deeply earth-toned background with akigalawood, an extract of patchouli. This surprising combination of flowers and soil is both natural and permanent...  The result is both dazzling and a little daring.

A scent inspired by sunrise Les Matins Des Possibles...At the dawn of a day full of new hopes, the orange blossom envelops the soul with its sensory aura. This bright awakening heralds the emergence of glittering femininity with the fresh vitality of citrus leaves. Covered with cashmere musk, harmony gently caresses the skin one last time, replacing it with the charm of the sunlight.

Aegean Waters  A tribute to the beauty of the Aegean Sea, the unique nature of the forest and the sea, the culture that keeps the Mediterranean air alive in the heat of Anatolia... The fragrance depicts Yesil and blue, the dance in the wind of the branches of lemon, juniper, pine, which grow in its soil with its cold waters. The woody notes of pine needle and sandalwood, associated with dense Amber, fresh citrus, carry the unique note of the Aegean forests to us. A fresh, woody and aromatic fragrance that can be used by both men and women in summer and winter... Thanks to the intense concentration of odors, its persistence lasts throughout the day.

Un soir en Ete, the first and only perfume of the French dermocosmetic brand Institut Esthederm, puts you in the holiday mood with its fruity, floral, woody and amber points. This perfume, which leaves a pleasant smell on the skin, is the smell of evenings when you go for a beach walk after sunbathing...

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