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10 modern decoration recommendations

We all know how trendy geometric patterns have been in recent years. One of the most important features of contemporary decorations is that they have a feel-good atmosphere. Since the sun is one of the natural elements that make us feel good in our daily life, it is possible to create living spaces where positive energy is high with sun-inspired color touches!

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So selective... In other words, the blending of different artistic/decorative movements... Eclectic decorations make up today's most prominent living spaces. Of course, one of the most important reasons for this is that it is the current that best sums up our day when all societies and cultures intertwine and every area of life intersects with each other. By combining rustic wall coverings with modern artworks, oriental patterned flooring and classically designed furniture, you can create an eclectic and striking texture in your home.

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Game-changing accessories, artworks or personal items are one of the indispensable principles of contemporary decorations. Pieces like this add personality and character to your home and better express you and your lifestyle.

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Industrially designed lighting, which resembles street lamps and is extended with pipes, provides an excellent aesthetic, especially in rooms with walls that give natural and industrial textures such as bricks.

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As the sensitivity to nature increases day by day, we are gradually becoming aware of our consumption frenzy and finally hitting the brakes. In this way, different and new decorative ideas emerge. One of them is advanced conversion furniture! Inspired by recycling, this current regeners old materials, furniture and accessories instead of throwing them away, allowing them to be used in different functions. For example, you can make a towel holder from old pipes, or a coffee table from old suitcases, or a dresuar from your old sewing machine table! It's entirely up to your imagination and dexterity!

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In the past, the heads of the hunted animals adorned the walls, or wild birds were killed and filled and turned into decoration materials. We don't have to go back too far; Although the number of people who still use animal hides as carpets today is decreasing, it is not! Fortunately, today we can mostly agree on how wrong it is to kill animals for pleasure or aesthetics. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by nature when designing our house, and we don't necessarily have to lay animal corpses on the floor and hang the head of a living animal on our walls to be inspired by nature. Now it is fashionable to decorate your walls in different designs with artificial weavings that look like animal hides and beautiful handicrafts!

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If there is one decoration element that has an untimely aesthetic and which we are sure will never go out of fashion, it is, of course, live flowers and plants.

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Do you know that you can transform the entire texture and story of a living room by changing its creases? Add creases to your seating group that describe you, are a symbol of your taste, with original and unusual patterns. You'll see the difference!

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The most important feature of our age is that it is hectic, stressful and technological. That's why every house should have a technology-free relaxation area where you can just lie down and watch the view from the window or read a book and listen to the silence.

a living room with a couch and table

Embossed wall boards resembling vintage style, old advertisements and banners are also one of the great ways to add a modern and characteristic texture to your home!

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