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10 memory-engraved styles of Princess Diana

Princess Diana, when she married Prince Charles in 1981, was a young woman who had done ordinary jobs such as babysitting until that day. Diana wore her 8-foot-long wedding dress to her wedding, the longest the royal family has ever worn. 

Princess Diana went beyond royal family rules with her off-the-shoulder low-cut dresses that revealed body contours. 

Her back cleavage was also one of the choices that caused a shock within the royal family...

Comfortable, unbranded, winking at men's fashion, she also carried the title of Princess of the people with her sports preferences. 

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During his visit to the Arab Emirates, he sat on the world agenda using a turban in line with his style. 

Neon pink was also an unwelcome choice by royalty. 

Even at matches, Lady Diana, who sat outside protocol and chatted to the public, was not much different from the public in her everyday wear. 

Lady Diana was a pioneer of the names that used trousers the most decently among royal women. Pink was decidedly one of his favourite colours. 

The royal family's preference for the hat was for simplicity...

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The combination of contrasting colors, such as red and purple, was best suited to the outlier Princess Diana...

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