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10 Leonardo DiCaprio movies you should watch

A memorable film from the years when the young DiCaprio began to show his talents to everyone. Clinging to his love of basketball against the challenges of life, Jim's struggle, his acquaintance with drugs and the way we watch his dreams Basketball Diaries it's the first movie on our list.

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What would it be like if Shakespeare's memorable love story had passed today? Director Baz Luhrman, who created a modern Romeo Juliet story based on this question, also entrusts the role of Romeo to DiCaprio. In modern-day Florida, we breathlessly watch the passionate love of the children of two hostile families. I also suggest you check out the film's soundtrack album If you haven't discovered it yet.

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At the time of its release, the winner, who received 11 Oscar awards, including “Best Film”, is one of the largest productions in the history of cinema Titanicwe can also call it the movie where The Legend of LeonardoDiCaprio begins. Lasting 3 hours and 14 minutes, the film still continues to be talked about with its memorable scenes, love at the height of the romance, and music. By the way, yes, I agree; that piece of wood was enough for both decks, Jack!

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Danny Boyle with an Oscar sits in the director's chair of the film in which we watch Richard, who goes after the idea of living quietly on a beach away from the modern world and technology we always talk about. Richard meets an unusual French couple and a man named Daffy at a cheap hotel in Bangkok. Daffy mentions a beach on earth that no one knows about, and the adventure begins.

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We're witnessing what Manhattan was like in the 1800s. A relentless war continues between the natives of the region and the Irish, who decimated later. Amsterdam Vallon, whose father, the leader of the Irish gang, was murdered in front of his eyes, must both avenge his father and seize control of the city. Director Scorsese signed Gangs Of New York he also stands out with stars such as Daniel daylewis, LiamNeeson, Cameron Diaz, who are in the squad.

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DiCaprio, who has always had the chance to work with unique directors and actors throughout his career, is also in this film with legendary director Spielberg and veteran actor Tom Hanks. Disguised as a Pilot, doctor, prosecutor, we watch a cat-and-mouse game of a young man and an old Wolf FBI agent who is involved in fraud in 26 countries Catch Me Now notable production

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Another Scorsese - DiCaprio collaboration ranked seventh on our list Mole there is. A film about a complex structure formed between the mafia world and the police decency is a complete mix of stars. It's a pleasure to see JackNicholson, DiCaprio, MattDamon and Mark Wahlberg in the same movie.

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Martin Scorsese, who adapted Dennis Lehane's famous novel for cinema, of course entrusts the lead role to his favorite Leonardo DiCaprio again. At the hospital on Shutter Island, where the mentally ill are being treated, two detectives who take on the investigation into the disappearance of a criminal find themselves in the midst of a violent tornado and a riot of prisoners.

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This production, written and directed by Christopher Nolan, is one of those movies that you can't get out of its influence for a while when you watch it. One of the most extraordinary and impressive films made on our dreams and minds, about which we still know very little Beginning It turns into a masterpiece with Leonardo DiCaprio's cool acting.

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Another Martin Scorsese movie, and yes, you guessed it, starring DiCaprio. Jordan Belfort is a 24-year-old ambitious young man who makes a quick entry into the Wall Street stock market with the goal of getting rich by short cuts. Everything goes as he wants, until he disappears into a life full of drugs, gambling and women. The film, a biographical adaptation, stars DiCaprio as Jonah Hill, Kyle Chandler and Jean Dujardin.

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The bonus of our list is the one that made our dream come true, which we've been waiting for for years, and earned Leo the Oscar statuette Resurrection... The film, which brings to the screens the extraordinary power of the human soul and what it can do when it wants, with an epic struggle for survival, is one of director Inarritu's masterpieces. Please don't decry the performance of “Bear,”which accompanied Leonarda DiCaprio for much of the film!

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