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10 items in our holiday suitcase

When it comes to holidays with Nil and Naz, my priority is law enforcement and bagels. Nile will start swimming lessons on the holiday of Eid, I hope he will now learn to swim without law enforcement:) My Choice Flipper Swimsafe brand law enforcement and bagels. 

Because they use both Nile and Naz diapers, I need swimwear diapers when I go to the sea or pool. Huggies is my choice for both. 

Sunscreens for children are the most important products in the holiday suitcase. Kiss my Face in my brand preferences, Jack'n Jill, TruKid and BabyGanics leads. 

I have two brand preferences here. Both with 100% natural content Incia also TruKid

Muslin dry covers that I can use both in the bathroom and at the exit of the sea or pool are products that I put in reserve in the suitcase of both my daughters. As brandHappy Folks and Deux Lapins I prefer it. 

A large box of medicines, especially against any mishaps that may occur on vacation, and maintenance kit I'm getting it ready. I put in it the most important health and care materials such as antipyretic, allergy medicine, anti-burning or shock cream, fever meter. 

When I go to the sea where we are going, if there is sand, I always take sand toys with me. In fact, it is also sold in the resort, but playing with toys that it is used to makes Nile happier. 

MustelaI take ' s travel size shampoo and Body Lotion with me in a small bag. I take hotel shampoos with me because I don't want to use them for children.

Nile in particular loves to wear dresses. That's why I'm taking a lot of clothes with me. I love H & M's children's dresses, and I usually take the dresses I buy there. If I prefer booties, of course Baby On-The-Go! It is an indescribable happiness for my children to take their first steps with baby on the go booties, which we have carefully designed every detail of! 

We always have great memories during our family holidays. I hope the same happens on this holiday. I wish everyone happy holidays in advance…

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