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10 honeymoon routes without visas

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia... Turkish citizens can enter this island, which will give you inspiring days with its climate, history, natural beauties, ancient cities and food, only with identity from the border of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Remember, you cannot enter Greece if it is processed into your passport.... In Northern Cyprus, which consists of 5 regions including Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia, Guzelyurt and Iskele, we recommend that you choose a certain choice if you want to go to the sea and visit in 3-4 days. Bedesten (St. Nicolas Church), Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral), Nicosia and Kyrenia Castle due to the Great Khan, Bellapais Monastery and Kyrenia famous for its monastery.

The popular honeymoon route consisting of five islands is seychelles, a country with a mix of Caribbean and Africa and attracts attention with its natural beauties. With its ease of transportation, gourmet tastes and the world's most exclusive beaches, Seychelles should definitely be on your list.  For the Seychelles route, read Mina Karanis's detailed Most favorite honeymoon route: Seychelles.

Macedonia is a small Balkan country with a population of only 700,000. But this small country is ready to offer you much more than you anticipated for a 3-4 day trip. Skopje, the capital on the banks of the Vardar River, Ohrid, Bitola (Turkish for Monastery) and Tetova on the shores of Lake Ohrid are 4 must-see spots. You will be fascinated by both the architectural structure and natural beauties and tastes of these cities. Do not return until you have tasted the answer, pastry and Kaymachina. The purchasing power, which is almost equivalent to TL, is a bonus! You can take note of it as both an affordable and romantic honeymoon route.

Indonesia, which consists of 17,000 islands, is one of the 'exotic' honeymoon routes with its natural beauties. The only drawback of the country, which is most famous for its islands of Jakarta, Bali and Sumatra, is that natural disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes occur frequently... Still, the country with the world's second-largest biodiversity is a remarkable honeymoon route. It is recommended to travel to Indonesia from April to October, which receives constant rainfall.

Maldives, which also has direct flights from our country, has become a popular destination for Turks in recent years. Not to mention much about the famous honeymoon route, my only caveat is that you're not going to be able to do that. If you're nervous about animals like vatos or baby sharks in the sea, it's not the right place for you.

Montenegro, aka Montenegro, as its name suggests, is surrounded by black mountains. After landing at Podgorica airport, you will be amazed by its nature throughout your journey. On the one hand, the Adriatic Sea will embrace you with its lush nature. It's not just the nature, when you come to Kotor, you'll feel like you're in a medieval town. The currency of the country is Euro. Everything is much more affordable than in European countries. It is the best time to visit until September, you can even go to the sea.

South Africa, the only country in the world with 3 official capitals and 11 official languages, is amazing in many ways... The executive capital is Pretoria, the legislative capital is Cape Town and the judicial capital is Bloemfontein, the country's undoubtedly best known destination is Cape Town. Taking pictures with penguins on the beach, safari in Kruger Park, trekking in Drakensberg should be among your notes...

Argentina is the right route to take a closer look at South American culture, keep up with the dance in Buenos Aires, the capital of tango, and taste the world's most famous meat dishes... The recommended period for traveling to this country is September to November, which is spring.

There are many more reasons to consider Brazil, famous for its samba, football and Amazon Jungle, as a honeymoon route. In this unique country on the Atlantic Coast, you can take part in the Rio Carnival, swim on world-famous beaches Copacabana and Ipanema, and, if you dare, step into the Favela region, whose danger transcends continents. We recommend that you go to the Favela, known as the lawless zone, only if you have an indigenous acquaintance.

Many tour companies from our country also have regular tours to Thailand, which has become one of the frequented holiday destinations of Turks. It has a friendly and welcoming public. Take note of Phuket island in particular. While tasting its exotic fruits, you can enjoy the sea and sun and visit the temples. Don't come back until you've tried thai cuisine and thai massage!

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