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10 game recommendations for the Corona era

A family dream of traveling to an unknown place is established. All family members take turns to describe what it would be like to be here, adding to each other. They construct and animate everything, all adventures that come their way during the journey. All kinds of costumes, décor, materials can be used in the content of the game. It's a great game to deal with uncertainty and build a predictable structure

All family members choose an item at home where they can describe themselves in 3 minutes. When everyone selects their symbol and gets together, the game begins. Everyone puts the object of their choice in a visible place. In turn, all family members guess why that person might have chosen that item and what they want to tell them about themselves. Last time everyone took turns explaining what they chose, what that item meant to them.

All family members take turns performing. Without talking, he begins to revive the happiest day of their lives. Other family members try to guess what day the person on stage is reviving.


Mutlaka: CCorona virus how to tell children?

A family members are divided into groups. (Families with few members can also do it individually) Everyone prepares and films an advertising script about a jointly agreed theme (such as Corona antivirus, animals, travel, etc.). The last time the whole family got together and watched videos of each other

The whole family members write and compose lyrics together, in groups or individually, about a theme that has been decided. Then the whole family sings this song together.

To play this game, you will need a ball the size of a spoon and a ping-pong ball. The player holds a spoon inside his mouth, and on top of the spoon there is a ball. In doing all this, he also needs to say a riddle or tell a joke. Our main goal is not to laugh while doing all this :)

There is asked to prepare a story about other family members. The best stories are those that reveal something unusual, sweet or fun about that family member's personality.

They take a large ball or a nested sock heap. A family member throws this ball under the table. The catcher must throw it to someone else as soon as possible. Every child repeats that. This game continues as long as the fun lasts.

The names of all family members are written on a piece of paper and the papers are folded. Everyone chooses the papers, does not share the name on the paper they choose with anyone. All family members chat with each other, imitating the person writing on the paper. At the end of the game, everyone guesses who's who.

A family members are divided into groups. Stores an object that they decide to share without seeing a group of other groups. The group of callers is called 'hot' as they approach the object, and 'cold' as they move away. 

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