a kitchen with a table and chairs
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10 fascinating new generation kitchen design

The first design element that immediately comes to mind when we think of modern cuisine is, of course, the kitchen islands. The culinary islands, which have become increasingly widely used in recent years, create an aesthetically fascinating appearance and push the boundaries of functionality with its structure that expands the kitchen counter and cooking area.

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a kitchen with red cabinets

As we said, kitchens are no longer just places to cook and have become much more social areas. With the number of rooms decreasing in apartments in the city centers, dining areas are being moved to the kitchen. Comfortable and stylish dining tables and seating groups that are compatible with the general atmosphere of the kitchen are one of the common features of the new generation of kitchens.

a large kitchen with a dining table

In the past, the same neutral colors were always used in kitchen designs, and today it is very different. In modern kitchens we can encounter a rich range of colors. By blending different vivid tones, eye-catching kitchens appear, just like in this example.

a kitchen with green cabinets

One of the new design trends that has emerged with the increase in color use in the kitchen is double-color kitchen cabinets. The contrasting contrast between the top cabinets and the cabinets under the counter is an application that adds depth to the kitchen area.

a kitchen with a table and chairs

Curvy kitchen cabinets designed with innovative understanding are also prominent models in recent years. Cornerless kitchen cabinets with curved lines make the kitchen areas look visually softer and more sympathetic.

a kitchen with blue cabinets

Pot pan hangers are one of the most common industrial style design elements in the new generation kitchens. Especially in small kitchens, you use your kitchen appliances as decorative accessories with this design, which offers a stylish and contemporary solution to the storage problem.

a kitchen with a large island

One of the latest trends that we often see especially in modern kitchens is open shelves used instead of kitchen cabinets. To date, we have been using models of indoor kitchen cabinets, which usually have a standard appearance in kitchens. Now it is being replaced by open kitchen shelves, as in the traditional style. The application of open shelves instead of top kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen look both more spacious and more sophisticated.

a kitchen with a table and chairs

Just like in fashion, the past often turns into the future in decoration styles, and styles and ideas emerge that repeat themselves but modernize by changing and developing. Vintage school is one of them. This exemplary culinary model, which is the result of a different approach to retro air, fully reflects British elegance and nobility.

a kitchen with black cabinets

Unorthodox futuristic designs are also bold models of the next generation of kitchens. Special kitchen cabinet designs that we have never encountered before create memorable models with applications that exceed standards and molds.

a large kitchen with a large oven

Naturalness is one of the most sought after features in all living spaces today, and therefore the use of natural materials in modern decorations has become increasingly common. The kitchen counter made of cut stone is one of the examples that will blow the minds of those who see it.

a large bathroom with a large window
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