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10 European cities for a magical New Year

Barcelona, Spain's second largest city, starts New Year's Eve quietly and quietly, but it's different later in the night. As the New Year enters, Spaniards eat at long tables set up on the streets and wait for the clock to be 12 o'clock. Then they gather in the squares and start eating grapes with the bells ringing. If you want to welcome the new year with different traditions, you can choose from Barcelona. Don't forget to be in the squares at 12 o'clock and eat grapes with the bells. Because they believe that this tradition brings them luck in the new year.

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This city, which is fascinating in all seasons and is considered among the most romantic cities in Europe, is completely different, especially at New Year's Eve. You can say hello to the new year by walking through the city's history-scented streets. If you want to spend a christmas with friends or lovers, prague, the city of fairy tales, will be one of the best choices.

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The capital of France is waiting for you for the new year. Champs-Elysees Street, which connects the Arc de Triomphe and place de la Concorde on New Year's Day, offers you a visual feast that will impress you. This street, which is one of the most famous streets in the world, and the historical buildings in other parts of the city are specially decorated and illuminated for Christmas. An hour after entering the new year, the city's iconic Eiffel Tower will be shining like a diamond with lighting specially prepared for New Year's Eve. Get ready for this visual feast.

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If you want to have a different experience than other European Countries, Lapland is for you. In this region in northern Finland, you can watch the Northern Lights, visit Santa's village and have a very different holiday with the Reindeer. Check out the ice hotels in the area for your stay.

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If you want to get enough fun on New Year's Eve, berlin should be your address for the new year. Because the Germans welcome New Year's Eve with enthusiasm. No one sleeps in Berlin on the last night of the year. You may often encounter fireworks while walking through the city. You'll see a lot of people dancing and singing in the squares.  Don't be surprised.

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Amsterdam is one of the cities that celebrates the new year in Europe, although it is a small city. Restaurants and bars in the city were overflowing that night. As midnight approaches, the whole city heads for the bridges and watches the fireworks. Don't forget to go to Museum Square after watching these shows. Because the New Year's Eve party, which lasts until morning, will make this New Year's Eve unforgettable.

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When you think of New Year's Eve in London, everyone thinks of Big Ben. If you want to spend New Year's Eve in this city, get ready for the 8-minute fireworks show that will take place in the early hours of the new year. No matter where you are in the city, this magnificent spectacle will light up the entire sky. You will feel the excitement of the new year all over the city.

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You will enter the new year by dancing and singing in this city that smells of history. If you wish, you can watch the city's fireworks at 12:00 a.m. accompanied by the italian champagne Prosecco, which is distributed, and have a romantic New Year's Eve. Street parties held in every city in Europe are also very famous in Rome. You can go street by street and attend different parties. If you want to have a Christmas that is both romantic and fun, this year your route is Rome!

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If you want a slightly different celebration from other European countries, you can experience this experience in Iceland. You can watch the North's Lights with the fire lit by the sunset. Also, watching fireworks with these lights as you enter the new year is another experience you won't be able to experience in other countries.

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As much as Ibiza is known as a summer place, did you know that New Year's Eve is a lot of fun in this city? If you are dreaming of a New Year's Eve where you will have fun until the morning, you are at the right address. Home to world-famous nightclubs, this city provides you with all the entertainment opportunities. If you want a New Year's Eve to remember, Ibiza is waiting for you.

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