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10 errors that cause diabetes

Along with the developing food industry, our eating habits have also changed. Growth of portions, the development of large or xlarge menus, the addition of unlimited drinks to the menus, the replacement of salads French fries, all menus with a small amount of price difference magnification is one of the most prominent examples. In addition, the lack of a serving control has complicated the situation, especially in the case of foods that we recently called healthy. Even if we consume healthy foods, we begin to gain weight when we can not adjust the amount. Gaining weight and the inability to restore blood sugar balance is one of the first steps to diabetes. Therefore, in all meals, our first priority should be to ensure serving control, and we should be fed with a feeling of saturation rather than finishing the dish.


glycemic index is the capacity of a food to raise blood sugar, and nutrients are classified as low, medium and high according to the glycemic index value. When consumed foods with a high glycemic index, sudden increases in blood sugar and abrupt decreases in its continuation occur. These changes cause rapid hunger, constant sleep, a feeling of fatigue. In the long term, they lead to high and continuous insulin hormone secretion, thereby causing fat, insulin resistance and diabetes. When consuming foods with high glycemic index sugar and sugar-containing foods, sweets, white bread, rice, pasta, packaged foods, pastries, potatoes, should be careful even if possible at all We shouldn't consume.

Excessive accumulation of fat in the body leads to the incorrect use of insulin and leads to Type 2 diabetes. Therefore, the oil should be consumed in the right portions and give preference to healthy ones. Instead of saturated or trans fats, our nutrition with foods containing unsaturated fats should be enriched. Ready and packaged foods include fries, meat, domestic fat, other foods of animal origin, and margarine saturated fats and trans fats. Instead of them, one should give preference to unsaturated sources of fat, such as walnuts, nuts, olive oil, avocados. As a method of cooking, it is best to use methods such as grilled, oven or steamed instead of fries.

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“ You opened the lid of the refrigerator in the kitchen and threw something in your mouth, you finished without noticing the nuts on your desk while working in the office, your favorite series on television You missed popcorn too much while watching it lie across...” Almost all of us have found ourselves doing this during a period of our lives. What happens next? Many of us do not saturate, we only take extra calories and cause the release of insulin. Studies have shown that untimely snacks are a step on the road to diabetes, as they cause blood sugar fluctuations. Our most beautiful savior in this case is to fill our body with water, eat herbal teas such as green tea, white tea, mate, fennel, rooibos, eat vegetables with very low calories such as tomatoes, cucumbers It will be the truth.


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