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10 cologne that makes the difference

Atelier Rebulprepared as a tribute to Pera, the birthplace of Pera Cologne a dizzying blend of spices. It contains rose, patchouli and pure amber and contains a high alcohol content of 80°. Eyüp Sabri Tunceamong the scents of Istanbul decked out Bosphorus and sea notes, ginger, seaweed and vetiveri, a cologne that teleports you to the Bosphorus shore the moment you close your eyes...

Formulated with 100 %naturally sourced ingredients Misbahçe Cunda Breeze Aromatic Cologne brings together all decors reminiscent of the Aegean. Elegant Lavender and the scent, which opens with Ylang ylang, embraces the nostalgic Acıbadem and glows with bergamot; it soon finds itself smoky Patchouli, Cedar, Sandalwood and Vanillait complements with the unique harmony of. In addition, the formula, which is 100% natural and skin-friendly, takes care of your hands along with lavender Hydrosol and glycerin. Eyüp Sabri Tuncer signature Fountain Lemon and it is quite different from the classic lemon Cologne. Top note Fountain Lemon, Lemon Tree Leaf, Lemon Blossom in the middle note, white flowers, lemon and oak moss in the bottom note, Musk with a refreshing Aegean breeze...


Maison Perejaamong the colognes that he designed, inspired by the ancient cities of Turkey, are Ephesus, Hierapolis, Aspendos and Decanbol. Pamukkale, where the ancient city of Hierapolis is located, grows in Denizli and Burdur regions and qualifies as an endemic plant Peony flowerI (Peonica Turcica), in Maison Pereja's collection of ancient cities  Hierapolis he was the inspiration for the genre. Hierapolis, which has a fruity opening with red fruits and passionfruit in its upper notes, evolves into velvety floral notes of the peony flower, which form the body of the scent. Orchid and vanilla, which are included after, add depth. Aspendos and he's a Mediterranean! After the fragrance, which begins with fresh bergamot, mandarin and jasmine notes on its top notes, it continues with enthusiastic notes of citrus Magnolia and orange flower. The fragrance provides permanence with amber and white musk and woody notes on the bottom notes. 

Acqua di Parma, the first true Italian Eau de cologne; a tradition-loving; successful, refined and timeless fragrance... The composition, born from Sicilian citrus fruits, provides permanence and refreshment throughout the day with its eye-catching blend of vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli and extracts of lavender and damask flowers on its bottom note. 

Master of scent Jo Malone'den Peony Blush Suede flowers bloomed peony flower; as flirty as a bite taken from a mouth-watering red apple jasmine; rose and clove flowers cologne that makes a lasting and difference with the precision of a soft velvet flower that is as rich as it is rich...

Bees use it to clean their hives and provide sterilization Propolis, Decked out in the Bee Technopolis laboratories of Istanbul Technical University, Bee'o has become a Propolis Cologne. 99.9% antibacterial Propolis, the raw material of this cologne, is a completely natural bee product that bees collect from the leaves, decks and buds of plants and is used by bees to ensure sterilization in the hive. 

Atelier Rebul 125. Year Special Collection'is located at First Lavender Cologne of Istanbul here we are again with the bottle in which it was first produced... A timeless Lavender Cologne with only 1895 pieces produced and each bottle specially numbered; an expertly made antique bottle that will admire every detail is a candidate to be in the head corner of even collectors. Formulated with 100 %naturally sourced ingredients Misbahçe Lavender Cologne and with its fresh and comforting smell, it brings nostalgia to the past. Carrying a fresh breeze blowing from the lavender fields on a sunny summer day, this cologne takes care of your hands along with Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Hydrosol and glycerin with its 100% natural and skin-friendly formula.


Beymenamong the gift sets consisting of Cologne and Turkish delight decks Pomegranate it's both a refreshing and lasting option. Pomegranate, which is a symbol of abundance and luck in Anatolian traditions, is carried to Cologne and turns into a meaningful gift. 

Interpreting today's modern essence codes with its unique elegance Vakko Eau de Cologne from the series White Tea, found on top notes chamomile, pear and the clean smell of white tea Juliette heart notes freesia, Rose and lilac it gets stronger and leaves a relaxing feeling. 

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer'decked out among stylish gift sets Oud the package includes 5 types of Cologne: Indian Oud, Oud Istanbul, Desert Oud, Rose Oud, Night Oud. Bergamot Italy, Oud, Jasmine, Turkish rose, Indian sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, Ugandan vanilla, Amber and Musk stand out in the fragrance formula.  

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