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10 animated movies you must watch

The taste of unrequited love and love described in the first 20 minutes of this Oscar-winning film is still in our palate. What we're watching for the rest of the movie is worth watching, if it's that naughty boy and grumpy old man in all of us.

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Is "Lion King" one of the first ones that comes to mind when it comes to being a child in the '90s? With its immersive storyline, fun characters and unique music, "Lion King" is one of the heavyweights of our list.

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Wouldn't it be great if the toys came out and shared their story with you? That's what happened. "Toy Story", which introduced us to the magical and funny world of toys, was so loved that sequels were made. Let's give the good news to the fans of the film from here, the fourth film is coming in 2019.

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"Lost Fish Nemo", which added to the reputation of the famous animation studio Pixar and its success, grossed $70 million in its first three days of release, breaking the record for best opening for an animated film by then. The series' recently released sequel, "Dori the Lost Fish," never made its debut with $1 billion in box office figures.


These monsters aren't the monsters you know. Funny or funny, fun, fun, it's all a story of cute monsters, one of my favorites.

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Don't be afraid if you see this cute mouse in paris' most famous restaurant, because he is one of the best cooks you can meet and know. If you want to accompany this cute mouse on delicious adventures and meals, I say watch "Ratatuy."

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"Shrek", which is etched in our minds with the unique voiceover of Okan Bayülgen and Mehmet Ali Erbil in our country, tells the story of our ugly and eerie green monster's journey to find a mate for him.

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Wall-e is a hopeless wandering robot left alone on post-apocalyptic Earth. But his whole life will change when he falls in love with a search engine called Eve, which is sent to the planet. "Wall-e", which reveals different perspectives about the future of our planet that have never been thought of before, is one of the best in the history of cinema with its original screenplay.

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As a kung fu-loving panda, Po's dreams come true, and he will now fight against the villains alongside the legendary fighters, the Fearless Five. "Kung Fu Panda", which is intertwined with action and comedy, also features the voice cast of Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman and Jack Blackli.

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The living legend, the master of the animation world Hayao Miyazaki's masterful "Escape of the Spirits", is the first anime to win an Oscar and has written its name in gold letters in history. If you have not seen this magnificent animation, which is shown not only in the animation category, but among the best films of the 21st century, watch it as soon as possible, make it watch.

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